QuadX commented on a Build, Blackie QAV--R   Mar 14, 2017  

Amazing build! How do you like the lumenier motors? Smooth i'm guessing! But what about power?

Briefly Flying FPV   Mar 14, 2017 

Thanks ReubeuX! The motors blew me away to be very honest. I've used the RX2206 2350kv for a while on other builds and loved their smoothness and efficiency. But eventually after trying some other more modern and more powerful motors like the ZMXs and Returners, etc... I felt them bit underwhelming and wanted more power... Bought some ZMX's and the power was there but they weren't smooth at all, the response was very different, tunning with them was a bit of a pain and they were like eating lipos alive. So these came out and after reading this very accurate review ( http://www.miniquadtestbench.com/lumenier-mx2206-2450kv.html ) I gave them a try and was amazed by the performance. They're very smooth, have the incredible efficiency of the the RX2206's on low and mid throttle, and have much more torque and top end. Take a look at Cody ripping them:

QuadX   Mar 14, 2017 

Awesome! I was thinking of use some of the lower kv motors on larger props for a very fast ap follow rig...Therefore I was on the lookout for some smooth motors to help with the footage quality (although I will probably run a gimbal on it)

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