pro XY commented on a Build, Blackie QAV--R   Mar 17, 2017  

I gotta commend you on going all black on the wiring. I wanted to do it on my last build, but just getting the thing together caused so much frustration that I cant even imagine how much worse it would have been. Quad looks great man.

Briefly Flying FPV   Mar 17, 2017 

Thanks man! Yeah, I know what you mean... I used some tricks to make it a bit simpler tough:
Soldered one type of connection a time on the two ends - for example - all the ground wires for the ESCS - finish - all Telemetry wires for the ESCs, etc... Marked all the + wires with a small piece of white tape to help out when stuff got tangled up, I removed that later when all done.
Also used a multimeter very often during the build an a smoke stopper on the first power up. Hope that helps you in your next build!

SIGHKOTIK   Mar 20, 2017 

I didn't even notice the wires untill mentioned - that's an extremely nice touch. I just came to compliment the overall theme, and the quality of the photos. Very nice!

Briefly Flying FPV   Mar 21, 2017 

Thanks Sighkotik! I really appreciate it!

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