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jas101 started an In-Progress Build   Jun 06, 2017  

Flew the OG 5 incher, just realized I like the alien for what it is. Not a new build but I though I'd go through and do kind of a walk through not everyone flies kiss. Moving over from betaflight is hard for some with only manuals, thought I'd start a build guide for those that are more visual learners. Hope my updating helps give someone some info or ease of building. Will do videos on kiss software when possible. 1) still an awesome quad but my plans are this: conformal coat the esc's it's summer in Vancouver but the rain can come anyday and ruin the next few days. Set up kiss telemetry (the pnp50 stays kiss esc's do esc telemetry only the pnp50 does everything (vtx camera everything included. I actually record this, I'm a bit of a stats guy (use this to see how motors and gear drain the keep reading..

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