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By jas101 on Apr 11, 2017

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Armattan japalura that beats the 250g uav restrictions in canada, waiting on parts. Total weight of frame with 650mah 4s comes to 250g with runcam and everything installed. (waiting on my camera for this quad to arrive weighed it out using the camera for my alien.



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marsfpv   13 days ago  

Hows that Kiss working out for you? Im building a Japalura with that same Kiss all in one and those Rotorgeeks motors

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marsfpv   6 days ago 

What are your PIDs? I just finished building mine today. Thanks!!

jas101   2 days ago 

Hey, I haven't fully tuned my pids as I've been having mid throttle oscillation issues so I've looked into rebuilding it. I think I know what the issue was the stack I used was touching the frame and I'm guessing that's how the vibrations were getting to the fc. I'm flying with racekraft 3x3x3 props and they do vibrate quite a bit. I'll be trying out some hq ones once they arrive.

........ P...... I............ D
Roll 4.0, default, 7.5
Pitch 4.5, default, 3
Yaw 8.0, default, 3

I'm still working on bringing my d up at the moment. But I think 7-8ish is where it'll end up staying.

jas101   Apr 24, 2017  

Hey guys sorry for not posting photos I've gotten all the parts but have just been having horrible migraines and as a result have not been able to do much.

GBFPV   Apr 24, 2017 

Hey, check my RUSH155. It is just under 250g with a 650mAh 4S 75c. I also use a 850mAh but it goes up to 280g.... I'm looking at some weight reductions by using the new Runcam Swift Micro (pre-ordered. It is 5.6g instead of 13g with the current RG 1200TVL) and switching the FX799T VTx + DYS 4 lobes SMA antenna with a Tramp HV or the TBS Unify Pro Race and a uFl CP antenna (probably half the weight).

Just wondering what you think about the Tramp HV? Is it better than the TBS Unify Pro Race?

jas101   Apr 27, 2017 

Hey there will definately check out your build. I finished my japalura and will post photos. It ends up being 250g on the dot with a 4s 650mah lipo as well. I used a pagoda and made it slightly longer than 30mm and the antenna weighs around 6g and the tramp hv weighs 8g. So if you switch to a dipole you're saving 10g of weight right there (I'll probably go this way) tv swift weighs in at 10g but if the frame isn't designed for the micro adapters will make the camera a bit heavier than a normal swift. So I decided to run with the swift 2 as I also listen to my motors when flying. I used to fly with a unify but then started having random blackouts. I switched everything to a tramp hv and have never had a single problem since. The best part is it works with kiss telemetry I can change my vtx output from 1-600mw by putting it on a pot. Will never go tbs again for vtx's I get the tramp at a cheaper price, immersion rc support is awesome if a reseller does not help as much as you want where my experience with tbs has always been a major let down. Sorry for the long paragraph hope this helped.

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