Completed Builds


STOLerant started an In-Progress Build   Sep 27, 2017  

Final parts for that sweet sweet 2".


STOLerant started a Mockup   26 days ago  

Scoping a brushless whoop build. Build Goal: Aggressive indoor/Aggressive outdoor. Performance and stability upgrade compared to 20 gram brushed whoop with 6mm 19500 brushed motors. My initial thoughts: I would like the extra power of the 0705 motors, as they have 28 grams of thrust on 1s and 60 on 2s. Although this is at an expense of more amp draw and probably less flight time. The 0703 motors would be good too but they only put out 40 grams on 2s and 23 on 1s. Would be great indoors and probably longer flight times than the 0705 option. So I guess it comes down to...power or flight time...

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