The Purple Flash

By STOLerant on Sep 20, 2017

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Built using components received in Drone Drop subscription boxes. Very powerful and responsive, I think it turned out great. I rounded sharp edges on the frame in critical areas, as well as, sealed the outside perimeter of the frame. I used purple hardware to keep the theme and I am planning to switch out the 3D printed parts with either black or purple, when I come up with a more protective camera mount design. The Runcam Split I installed uses the GoPro style RC25G Long Lens.

All up weight: 473.6 grams / 1.04 lbs

Skins can be found here:



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Another_fpv_guy   Sep 20, 2017  

Are these stickers included in the package you got?? They are dope!

STOLerant   Sep 20, 2017 

Right, they are dope, they are from Really high quality skins.

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