Nickblaster commented on a Build, The Butter Kwad   Jan 02, 2017  

do you run your kiss fc directpower and will you run capacitor for 6s ?

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Nickblaster   Jan 03, 2017 

seriously you have a prety cleen build you should look for the new alien regulator pdb

and fc is reated for 5s max its no because it can hold 6s voltage but the voltage spike can be crazy like 35v peek so short-medium time you can damage all your electronic look for 25-35v 500-1000 uf capacitor can almos remouve all voltage spike its a 5 $ that cant save 300 $ of electronic and power you fc with regulator like pdb

SplintFPV   Jan 03, 2017 

thanks for the tips, really appreciated, just bought some capacitors, I just never done research on them properly but knew they would be needed sooner or later. are they good to be soldered onto one of the pads on the pdb eg where pigtails branch off?
I knew about that pdb, looks compelling, although a bit crawded, but most of the time out of stock, so I just went for a rather stock setup.

the lack of OSD will be an issue in the long run on this build, current draw and used amps would be handy to know not just volts, I got a brand new spare bffc sitting around that recently arrived which has got it all, and might replace kiss in the future, but they haven't released full specs input voltage yet...

Nickblaster   Jan 03, 2017 

some peoble pu them at the battery pad and other on each esc pdb conection

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