The Butter Kwad

By SplintFPV on Jan 01, 2017

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Kit ID: Butter Kwad - the revamped Rotor Riot edition of the prestigeous Impulse RC Alien frame family. Based around the 5" body, equipped with 6" prop capable arms, covered with sparkling golden hardware, with the 6S ready electronics this thing IS a true beast.
Just a quick insight as to what we are facing here:

--- The background:
I've only made and flown 5" since I started, and felt like it was time to 'step up' the game and give the 6" a try. The introduction of this frame kit by Rotor Riot was the last straw and got me into finally building it. As we know red hardware will make your quad fly faster, because red is faster, gold is supposed to be delicate and smooth as butter, coupled with the farther-out reaching 6" arms, damn I just had to build it. I set myself a goal for this to not only be a 6" but a 6S ready copter (I've only flown 4s and tried 5s a couple times before), and at the same time, break my habits as far as parts list go, wanted to try new stuff that I haven't tried. So a quick and dense thought process went into the selection of parts to get everything together and begin building.

--- Parts:
Just to highlight a few:

  • T-Motor F60 2200kv: This seemed to accomodate all my needs, smoothness, thrust figures, despite officially only being rated 4s. Oh wait and it happens to come in golden stickers.
  • ESC might be a surprise, didn't got for KISS or other well known top of the line blheli ones, but picked the 4in1 30A Racerstar, blheli s, dshot ready board. - which seems to have a good reputation at a decent price so looking to see what it has to deliver.
  • TBS Unify Pro HV: it's been in the cross-hairs for a long long time, I always considered this as a premium product and now this frame just deserves to have it onboard.
  • Rotor Riot spec. edition Runcam Swift as the FPV cam, breaking with the HS1177 habit again for the first time.
  • Antenna mounts: For practicality, and good experience, went for a 3d printer tpu, 2in1 xsr receiver and vtx antenna holder from, suited for the alien.

--- Extras:
For practical use it has to have some protection and a Session mount. Opted for an orange tpu gopro mount, and bumper like orange cover at the end of the arms. Pictures to come later of the fully equipped model.



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raineyae   May 07, 2017  

Runcam Swift Mount,
What screws did you use to attach the alien backplate to the runcam swift? I am thinking of going to a HW store and buying longer version of the runcam screws matching the kit bolts in length.

SplintFPV   May 20, 2017 

good point, the stock ones won't work, but I can't remember how I got around it, must have used different screws I had lying around, but I'm not sure it's been a while now sorry.
I actually found a photo of the modified backplate that I filed in so it fits, just in case it helps:

raineyae   May 21, 2017 

Nice, I was lucky enough to have the updated back plate. Either way, I got through it and completed the build (minus the last issue I am working through). I updated my build profile with pictures and explanation of what screws I used and where to get them.

remkye   Mar 21, 2017  

Hello! Awesome build :) i also built an alien rr5 but the 5 inch using a flycolor raptor tower, so far I had no issues plus I did a little extra work that payed off when it comes to crashing, I braided the cables from the motor to the ESCs and then added some tape and zip ties just in case Haha, I just wanted to leave this out there in case any other person likes the idea.

mrwhit08   Mar 19, 2017  

stupid awesome build! Would you mind linking the fpv/rx antenna mount on the back?


mrwhit08   Mar 19, 2017 

disregard... overlooked link in description!

dirtdiver   Jan 08, 2017  

Wow! Clean building, but what I really wanted to comment about is the T-Motors and the gold hardware. What a GREAT look!

SplintFPV   Jan 08, 2017 

Thanks mate,
I'm fond of the colours too it's just sorcery... :p

Nickblaster   Jan 02, 2017  

do you run your kiss fc directpower and will you run capacitor for 6s ?

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SplintFPV   Jan 03, 2017 

thanks for the tips, really appreciated, just bought some capacitors, I just never done research on them properly but knew they would be needed sooner or later. are they good to be soldered onto one of the pads on the pdb eg where pigtails branch off?
I knew about that pdb, looks compelling, although a bit crawded, but most of the time out of stock, so I just went for a rather stock setup.

the lack of OSD will be an issue in the long run on this build, current draw and used amps would be handy to know not just volts, I got a brand new spare bffc sitting around that recently arrived which has got it all, and might replace kiss in the future, but they haven't released full specs input voltage yet...

Nickblaster   Jan 03, 2017 

some peoble pu them at the battery pad and other on each esc pdb conection

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