Whiffles commented on a Build, QAV-XS   Mar 10, 2017  

I was just looking at this frame. I like the look of it. How do you like it?

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Quadfishtim   Apr 14, 2017 

I'm getting ready to start my xs build this evening. Can you please explain what you mean with the camera mounting plates, i have been flying fpv for awhile but this will be my first complete build with my 10 year son helping. And I'm trying to find any info that will make this build go as smooth as possible, even with a 10 year old helping. Lol! Thanks!

pro XY   Apr 14, 2017 

On the camera plate, where the mounting hole is, it protrudes a bit. If your stack is too high, it will hit it, and the whole camera plate system will not fit right. When I mocked my build up, my stack was like 1mm too tall, so when I went to assemble it all, the plates didn't all fit. It took me a bit to realize what the issue actually was. Just check your fitment as you go, and you'll be fine. If it is too tall, just use shorter standoffs in/under the stack.

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