By pro XY on Mar 10, 2017

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This thing is fast, maybe 5 packs flown total, no crashes. I'm a freestyle pilot and this guy doesn't really have a place on my roster. letting it go cheap.



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Whiffles   Mar 10, 2017  

I was just looking at this frame. I like the look of it. How do you like it?

pro XY   Mar 10, 2017 

I haven't flown it yet, but it is extremely well made. Just make sure when you mock it up, you do so with the camera mount plates in.

Quadfishtim   Apr 14, 2017 

I'm getting ready to start my xs build this evening. Can you please explain what you mean with the camera mounting plates, i have been flying fpv for awhile but this will be my first complete build with my 10 year son helping. And I'm trying to find any info that will make this build go as smooth as possible, even with a 10 year old helping. Lol! Thanks!

pro XY   Apr 14, 2017 

On the camera plate, where the mounting hole is, it protrudes a bit. If your stack is too high, it will hit it, and the whole camera plate system will not fit right. When I mocked my build up, my stack was like 1mm too tall, so when I went to assemble it all, the plates didn't all fit. It took me a bit to realize what the issue actually was. Just check your fitment as you go, and you'll be fine. If it is too tall, just use shorter standoffs in/under the stack.

Briefly Flying FPV   Mar 20, 2017  

Would love to try out this frame. I've been on the look for a stretched X for while now and this just might be it... I also heard a rumor that D-Quad is releasing a stretched Obsession too, so I just might have to wait for a bit, for now only saw it in american retailers...

Have you flown the XS yet?! The build looks like a real powerhouse and looks really good!

pro XY   Mar 21, 2017 

Unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to fly it. I swapped the vtx with a TBS unify pro, which exploded even with a smoke stopper on, then decided to solder the pigtail to the lumenier vtx. What I didnt realize was that the unify screwed something on the pb, so im sitting here waiting for a new pb. Im almost tempted to try another unify on it, but I dont want to deal with that mess again. Hope to get it flying by next week.

Briefly Flying FPV   Mar 22, 2017 

Sad to hear that... A good idea is to check if the 5V BEC can handle the the supply current demanded by the Unify Pro, which BTW is around 600ma... Some cheaper BECs can only do 300ma-500ma, so...

pro XY   Apr 01, 2017 

Im still not sure what happened. TBS said it was the LDO regulator. wasnt ran through a BEC. I got a new pbd and unify and wired it up the same and everything is working fine, so who knows. Hopefully it stops raining so I can finally fly this thing and a couple new builds.

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