Rishav Sarkar commented on a Build, Guinness World Record Quad   Mar 19, 2017  

Can you please send me a video of how to build one

Mach 1 FPV   Mar 20, 2017 

The frame or just the quad in general? If your talking about the frame, it not has complex as it might seem. However I personally would not recommend the vertical arms, the quad was fine at first when everything fit together snugly but after a few flights and crashes it started having some huge problems with oscillations. Anyway if your still interested I can tell you more about how to build it, and I'm also pretty sure the oscillations could be prevented with some sort of cross bracing between motors, i just didn't want to do anything that might slow down the quad at the time.

Rishav Sarkar   Apr 04, 2017 

No the full quad

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