Guinness World Record Quad

By Mach 1 FPV on Mar 09, 2017

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Guinness Quad

I built this quad specifically to set the world record for fastest 100 meter ascent. I had to build a custom frame and use a 4 in 1 esc to make the quad as aerodynamic as possible. The quad is a 300mm size and the arms are only 4mm wide and 10mm tall. I also used Mr Steele motors because of the moderate KV rating and larger stator diameter to help spin the 6x4.5 inch props. Finally the wood I used was some fairly lightweight burl of unknown species that I found in the scrap bin at my local wood shop.



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Rishav Sarkar   Mar 19, 2017  

Can you please send me a video of how to build one

Mach 1 FPV   Mar 20, 2017 

The frame or just the quad in general? If your talking about the frame, it not has complex as it might seem. However I personally would not recommend the vertical arms, the quad was fine at first when everything fit together snugly but after a few flights and crashes it started having some huge problems with oscillations. Anyway if your still interested I can tell you more about how to build it, and I'm also pretty sure the oscillations could be prevented with some sort of cross bracing between motors, i just didn't want to do anything that might slow down the quad at the time.

Rishav Sarkar   Apr 04, 2017 

No the full quad

Whiffles   Mar 10, 2017  

I was looking at the price wondering how you managed such a low price with Steele motors. Then I realized it's a LOS rig! I'd love to see a video of this thing flying.

Mach 1 FPV   Mar 10, 2017 

If you watch Rotor Riot then you'll be seeing it in action real soon...

Whiffles   Mar 17, 2017 

Just watched both videos. Congrats on the record! Now how long will it stand.. :)

Oscarem296   Mar 13, 2017  

Omg you are in rotor riot las video 😂

volitant   Mar 11, 2017  

75-80 mph vertically?

Mach 1 FPV   Mar 11, 2017 

Very close to that, 77.9 MPH would have to be the average speed to cover 100m in 2.87 seconds, so I would say its top speed is closer to 85.

SIGHKOTIK   Mar 10, 2017  

Love a photo with broken props. Thank you for sharing what it took to break a record.

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