SadisticLeprechaun commented on a Build, Eachine Wizard Killer x220 F4   Mar 20, 2017  

SOLID inexpensive build. Never thought I would say that. Under 200 without the Mobius HD cam, almost disposable!! Only change I would make is to go 30A on escs (always for future-proofing and ease of mind while slamming throttle). I checked it and it is 20 dollars more.

Whiffles   Mar 20, 2017 

Yeah, I'm impressed. I've been flying it these past few days and it's a lot of fun. What I love about it over my GEP-TX5 is the top mounted battery. I can land anywhere to adjust my PIDs via OSD and pick up right where I left off.

Since this was a budget build 30a ESCs were off the table. I was just trying to get the price as low as possible. The 20a performs just fine for what it is.

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