rep1v commented on a Build, Kaity100   Mar 30, 2017  

I like your build. I've got 1 question, is the 6A all in one ESC enough when you go to 3s? Or is it better to go to 10/12A?

FPVDaddy   Mar 31, 2017 

I built this one for MultiGP Micro Spec class, so I don't plan on doing 3s on this one. But If I were, thats all I'd change is the ESCs to a 12a.

MultiGP Micro Class:
• Battery: 2s Lipo Maximum
• Propellors: 66mm Maximum
• Motors: Brushed or Brushless
• VTX: 200mw Maximum
• Open gate area must be 6.25 square feet or less. (30"x30")

EDIT: Well the original ESC (RS6Ax4) was a dud, so I'm getting a 10A Cicada from RMRC

showintellpro   Apr 19, 2017 

Too bad.. Sometimes we just get bad luck builds that wait forever. Hope your in the air soon!

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