By FPVDaddy on Apr 19, 2017

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It is finally finished. The Cicada ESC is great! Had a hard time with the camera pod, so I axed it!

This is my never ending build that took over a month to complete!



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ferrmium   Apr 24, 2017  

Do you connect Camera, vtx to OSD? If so, how do you like it? I want to get the 20x20 FC with OSD.

arcsign   Apr 21, 2017  

Oh, man. I feel your pain.

Currently on my 4th fc, 2nd vtx, and 2nd Rx.

2 F4 boards didn't quite work correctly to start with; the USB port and top few layers of PCB peeled off when I went to unplug it. The other worked fine for a few minutes, then started showing garbage for RX input. Random values jumping around. Thought it was the RX. It wasn't. Well now I have two rx. Multimeter claims nothing wrong with my connections, so who knows.

A Piko BLX lifted a solder pad on the first go around... Rerouted. Then a small incident with a utility knife followed by several more related incidents. Stupid cheap alligator clip helper thing slipped and spattered solder on the cpu pins. Stupid burnt out tip melted everything except the blob trying to remove it.

Finally, a Kiss AIO... Everything was working until I plugged the battery in and smoked it. Whoops. Must have done that late at night. +/- backwards. I've never done that before. So much swearing.

Also lost an Innova vtx after soldering and resoldering it more than a few times.

On the bright side, my soldering skills are pretty good at this point... Of course, I haven't flown in weeks and weeks now, it's been expensive and frustrating, and I really would like to be done building things for a while.

rep1v   Mar 30, 2017  

I like your build. I've got 1 question, is the 6A all in one ESC enough when you go to 3s? Or is it better to go to 10/12A?

FPVDaddy   Mar 31, 2017 

I built this one for MultiGP Micro Spec class, so I don't plan on doing 3s on this one. But If I were, thats all I'd change is the ESCs to a 12a.

MultiGP Micro Class:
• Battery: 2s Lipo Maximum
• Propellors: 66mm Maximum
• Motors: Brushed or Brushless
• VTX: 200mw Maximum
• Open gate area must be 6.25 square feet or less. (30"x30")

EDIT: Well the original ESC (RS6Ax4) was a dud, so I'm getting a 10A Cicada from RMRC

showintellpro   Apr 19, 2017 

Too bad.. Sometimes we just get bad luck builds that wait forever. Hope your in the air soon!

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