faken commented on a Build, Murdered Skitzo   Apr 17, 2017  

How did you solve the problem of the camera changing the angle after every crash / hard landing?
For me this and the too weak camera mount are the only problems with this frame.

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rclover106   Apr 18, 2017 

Dang, great minds think alike I guess! Haha. That sucks about your frame though. I'm honestly surprised because I haven't heard of anyone having really any issues with it besides an occasional arm and the poorly designed camera mount. If I end up having issues with the camera mount I guess I'll design a 3d printed mount for it. I hate 3D printed stuff but if that's what it takes to make this frame great so be it. Just curious, what frame did you move too? I've loved this frame ever since it was released, so I don't think there is any way I'll be moving to a different one anytime soon. I'll make it work haha. If you would like anything designed for it, hit me up. I'd be more than happy to design some stuff for you if you ever decide to use the frame again. I honestly think it has some great potential.

faken   Apr 18, 2017 

I've decided to go with a Armattan Chameleon 5" with the new RaceFlight Bolt 4in1 and RaceFlight Revolt V2.
Still haven't decided on the motors that i'am going to use. My F40pro are busted and it turned out that the windings are really poor quality for these motors. I also have an ImpulseRC Helix 5" which i also quite like.
Regarding the Skitzo-Frame: It was my first actual build from scratch quad, i still like the style and simplicity of the frame. probably would build stronger camera mounts out of aluminium when buying a new one.
I've smashed it onto a concrete street when i've lost orientation for a second. Was a pretty hard impact with high speed.
Thank you for the offer, i really do appreciate!
Will let you know when i'am buying a second one of these - and this time i also would like to apply the stickers :)

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