Murdered Skitzo

By rclover106 on Apr 14, 2017

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This is my first mini quad build. As I am 17, It will really be my only build unless I can win the lottery in a few months. We'll see. Parts rundown is listed below as usual. I have always hated how messy most quads look, so I put my own twist into this one. Took me a few hours to get together. Let's see, most of the stuff in her required some modification. Here is the rundown.

  • Spektrum receiver. I depinned and uncased the receiver and directly soldered the connection to the board. I replaced the antenna wires with the longer FRSKY versions to help separate them from the CF frame. I mounted them using zip ties on the back arms and holes in the frame.
  • The vertical antenna mount was heated with a heat gun until it was pliable enough to bend. Worked and looks pretty good in my opinion.
  • All the wiring is completely custom, the wire harness to the FPVision board from the camera is less than an inch long, crimped and made it myself. It was a tedious process as the crimped connectors were so small, and I refused to buy a proper crimping tool that would have cost me a lot more than it was worth, so I struggled with the needle nose pliers.
  • The Elite bundle has the power run through the bolts in the frame, so I had to use nylon standoffs to prevent that from shorting on the hardware mounts on the frame. because of this, I had to cut down the thread so It would fully seat itself into the nuts on the elite bundle. I also had to order longer screws to go through the whole frame to secure the nylon standoffs. Those screws were 18mm long m3 style screws.
  • There are three different sizes of heat shrink on this build that was needed to be bought separately. 3mm for the antenna apparatus, 10mm for holding part of the antenna to the standoff, and 20mm for the Spektrum receiver.
  • Every component on this build is black if it was an option. I plan on going with clear Butter Cutters in the future for the props. I'm not sure why I went with green, but It is my favorite color so I said why not.

I plan on updating this post with any revisions I make to this quad. If you would like to see better pictures of anything in my build please don't hesitate to ask.

As far as I know, the list below is every single part of this build, down to each nut and bolt. If this helps at least one person, my mission is accomplished. I hate very few things, but messy mini quads and not providing a thorough explanation are two big ones. If you want to know anything about this build or about any of the parts in general, please don't be afraid to ask. I am posting this for a reason. Any feedback, good or bad is appreciated and welcomed also. If you see anything that should be changed please let me know.

Have a nice day and thanks for looking at my build.
Tyler S.


Part List


QAV-SKITZO Dark Matter FPV Freestyle Quadcopter (20 builds)

Flight Controller

TBS PowerCube Elite Bundle (6 builds)


4 x TBS BulletProof 25A DSHOT600 ESC BLOWOUT (31 builds)


4 x Lumenier RX2206-11 2350Kv Motor (37 builds)


HQProp 5x4x3R CW Propeller - 3 Blade (Green - 2 pack) (2 builds)


HQProp 5x4x3G CCW Propeller - 3 Blade (Green - 2 pack) (2 builds)

FPV Camera

RunCam Swift Rotor Riot Special Edition IR Block - Black (146 builds)


TBS Triumph-STUB SMA (RHCP 2PCS) (138 builds)


Spektrum DSMX quad race receiver with diversity (122 builds)


2 x Lumenier Graphene 1300mAh 4s 80c Lipo Battery (15 builds)

Misc Parts

3M Scotch 1 in. x 1.66 yds. Permanent Double Sided Extreme Mounting Tape-414DC-SF - The Home Depot

Misc Parts

35mm Aluminum Textured Spacers (Set of 6) (3 builds)

Misc Parts

Commercial Electric 4 in. UV Cable Tie, Black (100-Pack)-GT-100MCB - The Home Depot

Misc Parts

Black XT60 Power Connectors (5 Pair) (7 builds)

Misc Parts

2 x Silicone Wire 12awg (1mtr)

Misc Parts

6mm M3 M/F Nylon Standoffs - Choose Your Color – MultiRotorMania (2 builds)

Misc Parts

2 x FrSky Receiver Antenna 15 cm

Misc Parts

2 x Silicone Wire 16awg (1mtr) (3 builds)

Misc Parts

M3 Black Oxide Steel Hex Head Screws - Choose your length – MultiRotorMania

Misc Parts

3 x BLACK 2:1 Polyolefine Heatshrink – MultiRotorMania (2 builds)

Misc Parts

Digi-Key - Fast Add
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marchvet   Sep 14, 2017  

Got any pictures of the receiver antennas at a better angle?

Flowst8   Jul 25, 2017  

Dude... you went all out on the mounting tape @ $798. That shit better stay on forever. #rotorbuildsfail

faken   Apr 17, 2017  

How did you solve the problem of the camera changing the angle after every crash / hard landing?
For me this and the too weak camera mount are the only problems with this frame.

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faken   Apr 18, 2017 

Thank you for the reply!
Funny that we came to the same conclusion regarding the camera mount on that frame.
I've also used the included foam and but something under the camera, didn't build that fancy triangle contraption though :)

My frame also got a lot of a beating, i've already took the components and put them on another frame.
I've managed to crack the two camera holders and delaminated the bottom piece that holds all the arms and standoffs.
Sad story, because i was really enjoying this build.

rclover106   Apr 18, 2017 

Dang, great minds think alike I guess! Haha. That sucks about your frame though. I'm honestly surprised because I haven't heard of anyone having really any issues with it besides an occasional arm and the poorly designed camera mount. If I end up having issues with the camera mount I guess I'll design a 3d printed mount for it. I hate 3D printed stuff but if that's what it takes to make this frame great so be it. Just curious, what frame did you move too? I've loved this frame ever since it was released, so I don't think there is any way I'll be moving to a different one anytime soon. I'll make it work haha. If you would like anything designed for it, hit me up. I'd be more than happy to design some stuff for you if you ever decide to use the frame again. I honestly think it has some great potential.

faken   Apr 18, 2017 

I've decided to go with a Armattan Chameleon 5" with the new RaceFlight Bolt 4in1 and RaceFlight Revolt V2.
Still haven't decided on the motors that i'am going to use. My F40pro are busted and it turned out that the windings are really poor quality for these motors. I also have an ImpulseRC Helix 5" which i also quite like.
Regarding the Skitzo-Frame: It was my first actual build from scratch quad, i still like the style and simplicity of the frame. probably would build stronger camera mounts out of aluminium when buying a new one.
I've smashed it onto a concrete street when i've lost orientation for a second. Was a pretty hard impact with high speed.
Thank you for the offer, i really do appreciate!
Will let you know when i'am buying a second one of these - and this time i also would like to apply the stickers :)

pro XY   Apr 15, 2017  

looks good man.

rclover106   Apr 15, 2017 

Thanks, I really appreciate it!

RocketSquidFPV   Apr 15, 2017  

16 year old pilot here. I was wondering why the build was so expensive then I looked at the motors... holy shit. You'll find a job eventually.

rclover106   Apr 15, 2017 

Yea I figured if this is going to be my only quad might as well get the best I could. She flies so smooth it's unbelievable.

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