Oeliboeb commented on a Build, TransTEC Frog 218mm Build Guide   Apr 15, 2017  

Almost the EXACT same setup arrived this week. I got the same motors (2600kv though), esc, fc and frame. I like the frame as well but the lens of my camera sticks out just a few millimeters. The alluminium is really light and the cf is good. I also wished the frame was just a few millimeters higher so i can use a pdb with current sensor. I'll finnish my build soon and I'll share it for comparison ;)

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Oeliboeb   Apr 29, 2017 

I will maiden it this weekend! I had some problems with my fc because for some reason it deleted all my betaflight settings (probably my fault though) The build itself turned out really thight but clean and with the vtx in the back I can see the little display and i can reach the button. I think i'll post the build either today or tomorow.

Oeliboeb   Apr 30, 2017 

Well yesterday it flew for the first time and today i flew with some friends and in flew near perfect on stock pids. I crashed it once when it fell from 20 meters or so (i disarmed it because of super strong wind and i lost controll) and nothing broke! I am really impressed with the strength of the frame especially because my friend broke 2 arms in 2 days on his micro. I dont have enough time to upload the build today but i'll do it very soon.

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