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moteasa started a Mockup   4 days ago  

Add $44 for motors since they don't show.

moteasa started a Mockup   19 days ago  

with Piroflip parts

moteasa started a Mockup   19 days ago  

3" with parts from RDQ

moteasa started a Mockup   Oct 13, 2017  

My first 2" build I wanted to be MultiGP micro class capable, so built with 2s max in mind and went for lighter weight but durable. They were out of 2.5" frames, so went with the 2" and 10,000kv. I wanted cheap, but didn't want to compromise on the camera since i want to keep same FOV as my bigger race quads. Going the V2 allowed for battery voltage monitoring when is needed on these little packs with the 10,000kv motors. It will eat up a pack pretty quick if I'm getting on the throttle. running the Pik BLX clone and separate racerstar ESC made the build more tedious than a 4-in-1 stack, but it was WAY cheaper and if an ESC does go out I'm not up the creek. One of the racerstar ESCs was D.O.A, but the others seem to be running OK on the 8 packs I've ran through is so far. First time using keep reading..

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