Whiffles commented on a Build, LoFlo Freestyle   Dec 29, 2016  

Nice build! It looks a lot like the GEP-TX5 I just finished. How do you like those props? I'm running Dal 5040 tris on mine because I wanted to tread lightly into the F60s.

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Whiffles   Jan 05, 2017 

@dirtdiver What batteries are you running with that setup?

dirtdiver   Jan 05, 2017 

I've got some older Tattu 1300mAh, and some newer Revolectrix 1500mAh LiHV's. Either seem to work fine, without puffage. The packs do get a bit warmer than my old prop/motor setup though.

Whiffles   Jan 05, 2017 

I might have to give them a try then. I'm running Tattu Race Series 1300, so they should be fine.

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