LoFlo Freestyle

By Nodeva on Dec 29, 2016

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The LoFlo frame was created as my ultimate freestyle flying platform. Utilizes premium U.S.A. made, autoclave cured carbon fiber parts and titanium/aluminum hardware. The frame can be purchased at www.craftquads.com


Part List


LoFlo Freestyle Frame (2 builds)

Flight Controller

KISS FC - 32bit Flight Controller V1.03 (47 builds)


4 x KISS ESC 2-5S 24A race edition - 32bit brushless motor ctrl (31 builds)


4 x F60 (4 builds)


HQPROP 5 INCH QUAD-BLADE PROPELLER - 5040 (5X4X4) ***Choose Color*** (4 builds)

FPV Camera

Mini Digital HS1177 CCD FPV Camera (2.5mm Len / Sony SUPER HAD II CCD 600TVL / IR Block)

FPV Transmitter

TBS - UNIFY Pro 5G8 40ch Video Transmitter




FrSKY Naked X4R-SB Receiver (11 builds)

Misc Parts

MTV Mount 1.8mm 170 Degree Wide Angle Lens For FPV Camera (8 builds)
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nimig18   Apr 06, 2017  

This will forsure be my goto frame to try top mount batteries, when i have the money! lol Reminds me of the HyperLow frame.

Whiffles   Dec 29, 2016  

Nice build! It looks a lot like the GEP-TX5 I just finished. How do you like those props? I'm running Dal 5040 tris on mine because I wanted to tread lightly into the F60s.

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dirtdiver   Jan 05, 2017 

I've got some older Tattu 1300mAh, and some newer Revolectrix 1500mAh LiHV's. Either seem to work fine, without puffage. The packs do get a bit warmer than my old prop/motor setup though.

Whiffles   Jan 05, 2017 

I might have to give them a try then. I'm running Tattu Race Series 1300, so they should be fine.

metropolis   Dec 30, 2016  

Any option for camera plates that would support mounting a Session?

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Nodeva   Jan 05, 2017 

Just designed up a 3D printed mount that integrates into the horizontal standoffs between the cam plates. Looks super clean. I've also been toying with the idea of 3d printed face cover for the session that allows a strap to be run the same direction as the hero 4.

metropolis   Jan 05, 2017 

Both setups sound awesome to me, though my brain just wondered if strapping to standoffs would be as sturdy?Anyway, the same direction idea would be neat too, just need to make sure the 3d cover leaves a hole for the record button.

thomaazz   Dec 30, 2016  

Nice build! what is the auw including cam and battery?

Nodeva   Dec 30, 2016 

With a 4S 1300mah, Gopro with lens protector and Hovership Exopro protector...its 607 grams. With a 5s its 647grams

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