6" Mr Steve Alien

By 1337flite on May 28, 2018

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I resisted anything with Mr Steve's name on it and I resisted anything ImpulseRC, ewspecially the Alien for ages.
Basically I'm anti social and I don't want to be down withg every one else.
Then a particular video Steele Davis put out blew my mind and I gave in.
The reason I wanted one was to see if having the kit the big boys have made a difference or not and because my Reverb which I loved flying, flew beautifully but kept breaking arms and upper bottom plates. And the the top plate kept popping off.

Then a mate of mine told me he knew of an RC shop that waws getting out og FPV and had a Mr Steele Alien going for cost so I grabbed it - and some 6" arms because a 6" quad can do everything a 5" quad can, but not vice versa - so size matters.
I'm not sure that it does make a difference but so far it has been a lot more robust than the Reverb and flies just as beautifully, though I still haven't gotten use to KISS.
All in all I really like the Alien and I a fly it a lot.

One of the reasons I really like it, is because on 4S the 2150KV motors with 5 x4.3 x3 V1S will give me 7minutes of cruising and bumming around.
But it can also rip balls. Sometimes it's more ball ripping than I can handle.

It recently spent about an hour an a half under water after a collision with a small hill. Luckily it threw the 5S battery and went in un-powered.
After I hosed it off and let it dry over night it powered up without issue other than the camera. The camera started working the next day and it has been flown since. See the crash here:



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