Copper Fire

By pyro57 on Feb 11, 2019

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Smashed my first build into a frozen lake and shattered damn near everything... will rebuild, but until then I had another build planned so I just decided to build a new one then go back and rebuild the original. Had the props from the old build, and the Transmitter, probalby gonna upgrade to the Dark Knight eventually, love the look of that one, but this works fine so far. Probably gonna make the switch when I build something with crossfire.

I do plan on moving the Camera forward, I'm building a DLP 3d printer, so once I get that done I'll print it a new mount, but for now it works.

Also Conformal Coated everything to make sure if I crash in the snow it'll probably be ok, on that subject if you dump the bottle over on a surface you don't want conformal coating on, like a countertop, Isopropyl alcohol is your friend, liberally apply and scrub with paper towl will get it right up.

PS: I know I need to work on my Soldering skills, the ESC joints are ugly AF, but they work, and cleaning them up now is more trouble than it's worth. Shouldn't short as they are conformal coated so I'm not concerned at all, might cover the ESCs still though, not sure since they have LEDs on them though.



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