Quadracer Nimbus 3"

By wadetubman on Apr 15, 2019

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After building the 5" Quadracer Nimbus decided to try out the 3" craze. The great part about the Nimbus (and God_mode) is that 3" arms are available as a direct substitute for the 5" arms. Like other Quadracer race frames, we like the following features:

  • ability to neatly "double-strap" bottom-mount battery (although the 3" arms are thinner, and mean fitting 2 robust straps through is tough -may need to find lighter straps)
  • easy build - good fitment
  • neat axii holder
  • tpu based camera holder

The arms are neat little things, but not as pretty as the chamfered arms that come with the full nimbus.

For motors we have gone Xnova 1407 3500kv, recommended as a good kv range for 4S on a robust 3" build. The motors come with screws that fit the 4 hole frame perfectly.

For electronics, we coudl have used the 30x30 stack from our other quads. But to get with the micro theme, we downsized with the Mamba 20x20 stack, with 20amp escs (burst 25amp) and F4 flight controller. The FC has no amazing features, but has everything we needed. the stake takes M3 screws, so we have run some 30mm plastic M3s through the 20x20 (non structural) holes to hold the lot together (this replaces the long M2 screws and white plastic spaces that come with the Mamba, as they wouldnt have been long enough, and i think would not fit the m3 holes in the numbus bottom plate.)

We then installed a whitenoise board with TBS unify nano, and XM+ on pin headers. Made wiring super neat, as they all go through the board now. Didn't really need this space saver, as there is a stack of room there - we havent even used the nifty Nimbus rear mounting plate. The unify nano has been a little annoying, as SmartAudio isnt working (a known issue?). Have reverted back to UFL VTX's, as we have broken a bunch of MMCX ones - they just dont seem to fit or hold up as well (we always hold down the UFL to the board with heatshrink for security)

Have powered it all with some Tattu 75c 850mah 4s packs (and some 45C ones as stock ran out - hopefully these will hold up)

Added some eye burning BOLT Cree LEDS

Props are an issue, as there is less variety available than in 5". We have found the Dalprops ok, but have broken quite a few.

Have Betaflight 3.5.7 so far, but plan to install 4.0 - stiff to figure out how to tune this little guy for racing.

1st race day was fun, and its super zippy. Will update later as to comparisons with its 5" brothers


Part List


Micro Nimbus (3")

Flight Controller

Diatone Mamba Power Tower F4M & F25 20x20 Stack/Combo (16 builds)


Diatone Mamba Power Tower F4M & F25 20x20 Stack/Combo (16 builds)


Xnova Motor 1407 Multi Rotor Racing Motors (6 builds)


DALPROP Cyclone T3056C 3" 3 Blade Props (20pcs)

FPV Camera

RunCam Robin (2 builds)

FPV Transmitter



TrueRC AXII (3 builds)


FrSKY XM+ 2.4ghz 16ch SBUS Receiver


Tattu 850mAh 4s 75-150c Lipo Battery Pack

Misc Parts

Whitenoise Nano Nano Board

Misc Parts

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