By MamaJOE on Oct 29, 2021

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The story behind the build

Nothing special...
I saw this extraordinary frame and I knew I had to build it ;)

Choice of components

Ok, the frame was set, so I watched out for the motors. They should be lightweight and fit the M2x12 mounting pattern.
I also wanted to add some color this time, which lead me to the rcINpower GTV V3.
This build should also be a bit crazy, so 6S ws the minimum -> 1850 KV.
For the mini size stack I wanted to try Diatone, because I think the are top notch, I haven't tried them yet and they were available!
Unfortunately I noticed to late, that the Mamba DJI F722 mini MK2 doesn't support blackbox logging.
For a lightweight frame with plenty of power (and added weight) I definitively don't want to miss blackbox logging, therefore I switched the FC to an Aikon F7.
Digital was set anyway, and after my first experience with the Caddx Polar, it was clear to take Polar again.#
I didn't want to have this big LED show, but for a little bit of color, I decided to give the TrueRC Blaze a try.
The props should be 5.1", but very low-pitched because the motor doesn't have that much torque.
That's why I chose the Gemfan 5125 SL. I think "SL" stands for superlight - and yes, they are: 2,9 g per one!
So here we are, let's build this thing...


The build was very great fun, at least to me...
This frame offers to little space to just arrange things, I had to find a custom way to fit everything in - and I love that.
In the inner space, there is enought heigt for the FC and ESC or FC and Vista. But the mounting holes for the FC are so filigree, that I was definitively doesn't want to fix the Vista there and also had some headache to fix the FC-ESC stack. Thats why I used them only to fix the FC and put the ESC under the topplate, which wasn't meant to carry anything. But I tought the ESC will be ok...
So the only space left for the Vista was inside the frame. To get the needed height and have an opportunity to fix the Lipo, I had to build an additional bottomplate.
But with this, I was able to build a seperat "video module" which could be detached easily .

Flight quality

The first trial was catastrophic the copter flew, but at the end of sharp flips or rolls it freaked out for split seconds - really scary!
After some flight I found the superlight props to be the problem. I changed them to HQ DP5.1x3.6 and this problem was solved.
With this props the copter flies really good, but the voltage sag is pretty heavy. I think the 6S 650 mAh I used are to small for this setting.
I'll watch out for 850s or 1050s and try again.
But beside of that, it a really fast and agile copter!
And I'm really curious how it will perform with bigger batterys and a good tuning...
I'll update, when I tried the bigger batterys.

Now, I have some 1050 mAh batterys. But they feel just too heavy for this frame.
That's why I reduced propellers's pitch instead of increasing battery capacity - and it works.
The 5130 props really fit this powertrain.


Weight with props: 241 g
AUW with 6S 650 mAh: 354 g
Flight time (650 mAh): approx. 2:30 to 5:00


Part List


X-Fighter (2 builds)
See Site


Skull and Drones Sandwich Top Plate (2 builds)
See Site


Extra Plate (2pcs) Freestyle 5-10 Frame (3 builds)

Flight Controller

Aikon F7 Mini V3 20x20 BMI270 Flight Controller (6 builds)
See Site


MAMBA F40 MINI PRO Dshot1200 4IN1 ESC 40A 6S Electronic Speed Controller (2 builds)


4 x RCINPOWER GTS V3 2105-M5 1850KV Motor - Teal/Pink (3 builds)


HQProp DP 5.1X3.6X3 Propeller - Gray (Full Set Of 4) POPO - MyFPV (3 builds)


Gemfan 5125 SL Hurricane 5,1" 3-Blatt Propeller, 1.5mm/5mm Welle (3 builds)
See Site


Gemfan Freestyle 3S 5130 Tri-Blade 5" Prop 4 Pack - Choose Your Color (3 builds)

FPV Camera

Caddx Polar Micro Digital FPV Vista Camera Kit - Silver (27 builds)


TBS Crossfire Immortal T V2 Antenna (149 builds)


BLAZE 5.8 - TrueRC Canada (3 builds)


TBS Crossfire Nano Rx - FPV LONG RANGE DRONE RECEIVER (1491 builds)


6S 22,2V 650mAh 95C TATTU R-Line Lipo Akku (2 builds)
See Site


RC-Hangar15 Antirutsch Lipostrap 16x250mm, Kevlar, Metallse (3 builds)
See Site

Power Distribution

XT30-U Black (5 Pairs) Connector AMASS (2 builds)

Power Distribution

3 x Panasonic 330uF 50V FR Ultra Low ESR Capacitor (2 builds)
See Site


Boxer EdgeTX Rotor Riot Edition Radio Controller - ELRS (4 builds)


21700 5000mAh Battery for TX16S
See Site


DJI Goggles 2 - Ultra Low Latency 1080p/100FPS 4K/60FPS Digital HD FPV (22 builds)


CopterFarm Super Sticky Cow Tongue Pad Batterie LiPo (7 builds)
See Site


ISO 7380 M3 Titan schraube M3x40 M3x44 M3x45 M3x50 Taste Kopf Hex 2,0 Treiber Ti GR2 Poliert QCTI Schraube (3 builds)

Misc Parts

Plasti Dip Liquid Electrical Tape schwarz 118ml 4oz black (9 builds)

Battery Charger

2 x Power Genius SAFE Parallel board XT30 and XT60 2S to 6S with Fuse Protection (3 builds)

Battery Charger

3 x BAT-Safe LiPo Tresor sicheres Laden und Aufbewahren der Akkus
See Site

Battery Charger

ISDT PC-4860 Lipo Ladegerät Parallel Ladestation Unterstützung 4 Packs von 1-8S XT60 RC LiPo Akku
See Site

Battery Charger

HGLRC Thor Lipo Battery Balance Charger Board Pro 40A XT60 XT30 Plug 2-6S Integrated with Lipo Discharger for IMAX B6 ISDT Q6 Na (2 builds)

Battery Charger

Q6 Nano Lipo Ladegerät, DC 200W Smart tragbares digitales Ladegerät fü

Battery Charger

2 x Amacoam 2 Stück Lipo Batterie Sicherer Beutel Feuerfeste Explosionsschutz Lipo Battery Guard Tasche Sack Gebühren Schutz Tasch
See Site

Battery Charger

K2 Air Bluetooth Fernbedienung LIPO Ladegerät, AC/DC 200W/500WX2 20A S

Soldering Iron

Tilswall Soldering Station, 65W Solder Station Welding Iron with Smart Temperature Control (392°F-896°F), Extra 5pcs Sol (2 builds)
See Site


Tarion Pro PB-01 Professional Camera Backpack


ETHIX Heated Deluxe Lipo Bag V2


Kesser® Campingstuhl faltbar klappbar tragbar Angel Stuhl Camping Stuhl Faltstuhl bis 120 kg Strandstuhl Angelstuhl Klapphocker
See Site


LINGHUANG Avata Tragbar Aufbewahrungstasche für DJI Avata für DJI Goggles 2 für Motion Controller, Tragetasche Schutzhülle f
See Site


Onseuk Kompatibel mit DJI AVATA Goggles 2 Foam Pad Sponge Comfortable Eye Mask Drone Goggles Zubehör (Grau+Schutzhülle)
See Site

Misc Supplies

Bier – Wikipedia
See Site
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Craftedkwads   Jan 14, 2022  

Sick build! How do you like these motors? Think Im going to get them for a 4in 4s.

MamaJOE   Jan 14, 2022 

Thanks, I take this as a compliment.
Till now, I like the motors, they have no bearing play and are running smooth.
For 4S you will use the 2950 KV motors, right?
I think for a 4", they will have plenty of power. Give the 6-blade props (see my KISS of Calm build) a try ;)

Craftedkwads   Jan 14, 2022 

I am thinking of the 3600kv version and limiting it to 3000kv, because those are the only ones I can get in gunmetal and gold ;) Do you find that they are decently efficient, or are they more suited for a racing build? I want a freestyle build that I can limit and put different props on to give it good flight time for range.

MamaJOE   Jan 15, 2022 

I'm not sure if this motor is the right one for long range. I achieve 5 min flight time with 650 mAh easily but I think it's rather the light copter, than the efficiency of the motors. Perhaps the Emax ECOII 2004 will be perfect for your needs? For a lightweight 4", they should have enough power...
Here's why I would suggest them:

ECO II 2004:

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