Rocking Out With My £*%& Out

By Flying Aboo on Mar 23, 2018

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The Motivation

It was about time to get a new quad seeing as my Chameleon has been my only quad for almost a year now. So, she will be taking a seat on the bench ready as a backup if I explode the new build. Spring is around the corner... So here is to hoping that this little chunky monkey flies as good as it looks.

Update 23/03/2018 - 10:15am

The build is now almost ready to maiden. I just have to choose between BetaFlight and ButterFlight...

Update 23/03/2018 - 4:00am

All the parts had arrived, so I got to building. I borrowed a friend’s halfway decent soldering iron because mine is crappy. The difference is night and day, my joins are not 100% perfect but they are leagues better than I would have got with my iron. All that’s left to do is cam control, then tighten up bolts, put the top plates on and hover test.

Build Notes

  • The DALRC Engine is a very snug fit if you put the vbat terminals towards the front of the frame. I wrapped the arm strut/support bar with insulation tape just in case anything does flex and touch the frame.
  • I designed the TPU mount that fits in the back to fit a TBS Unify 5v v3, an FrSky R-XSR and two 5v buzzers in parallel. I had a friend print it out with TPU. There are a few changes I would make to the design, but it is working as intended and will suffice for the time being.
  • I might have to use smaller soft mounts for the flight controller as the battery strap touches the wires above it.
  • The space for a lipo with a GoPro appears to be shorter than the old Chameleon.
  • Camera control on the Foxeer Monster v2 is working, but I can't go down in menus. This just makes moving around in the OSD a bit of a ball ache.
  • SmartPort telemetry is working and so is SmartAudio.
  • It's running 16k/8k loops and DShot 1200 with about 36% CPU load on the F7 without overclocking.

Massive thanks to Lee from Ace Company

I acquired the motors from Lee McKenzie from Ace Company.

I apologize for the crappy looking out of place VTX antenna, but I don't have anything else that’s RPSMA lying around.



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TheDroningReverend   May 16, 2018  

How did you manage to fit the stack in? Did you have to make any modifications?

FluffyMoo   Mar 23, 2018  

Wow she looks amazing! Such a clean build, spot on soldering and I love the gray and black. Great job :)

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