Libelle 3"

By #Sircrashalot on Sep 20, 2020

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I liked the idea about a quad that is way under 100 Gramm with 3 Inch props.

I have found this nice frame (TP3 like...) with sidways battery mount, from Halcon , it is send from UK, so there is no need of buying in china. I love this frame it is well made and light... And the canopys also !

For the FC i took the Betafpv toothpick 12A board.

Next i take the Amaxinno motor 1103 7500kv, it is the new version with 2mm prop shaft.

For the VTX i took the Betafpv M02 nano, its small with 350mW. The antenna has a good range!

I love my Nirvana radio, so i take the Oversky XR602T-A reciever, very small an good range...

For the camera i selected my all time favourite RunCam Nano 2 !

And 2S batterys. 450- 550 mah

Last but not least i add a buzzer !

Weight: 58 Gramm
AUW: 86 Gramm

I was trying to get 75 Gramm AUW, but with 86 Gramm is still ok, i am happy and it flies still great.

Flies really good, great stick feel. Not the fastest but fast enought and you have so much control, even with 2 blade props...

Flighttime with the 450mah around 3-4 minutes... 550mah race line up to 6 minutes

My new all day flyer !!!

Have questions, feel free to ask!

29.09.2020 Update:

Just updatet the canopy to the lighter one from Halcon :-) , and also add a lighter VTX Antenna.



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saahbs   23 days ago  

Awesome build, I'm working on my first 2s AIO whoop 3". My current 2.5" has 7500kv 1104. Do you find these 30x18 props pull a lot of current? what is the max?

#Sircrashalot   23 days ago 

11A is my draw. When you have a 12A board, will be fine with 3018 props...

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