Rotorama Samurai 5' super lite 200g build /w.o. lipo

By bigtuni on Feb 07, 2018

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Going super lite this time. Frame comes in at 44g, aiming at 200g total without a lipo. Started at 214g, sdownsized the power cables to 14 AWG from 12 AWG and shortened them. Strap was heavy duty, and a normal one shaved off another 4g. So now at 200g, but under 200g is absolutely possible as well with lighter blades or smaller motors, like 1806..
Blue shine you might notice on the FC/ESC is waterproofing, Teslanol. Good stuff. Still need to add an LED on the back.
This thing screams when flying and people are truely amazed at the speed, while I love the lightness and super responsiveness.



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jwangdk   Apr 09, 2018  

Cool build. How's the stack holding up for a 5 incher? Running it on 4s?

bigtuni   Apr 10, 2018 

Very happy with the HGLRC F438, and yes only using it with 4S. Awesomme performance, my favorite.
See latest video:

jwangdk   Apr 11, 2018 

Nice to hear!
We were actually on vacation in Alsace last summer :)

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