Tehllama 7" - Flight Time Stallion - Ultrashiny

By tehllama on Jun 28, 2018

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The flight time stallion. An affordable 7" Dual-Sport build intended for cruising, chase camera, and endurance racing. Target budget of $250 , and I couldn't help myself with some unneccessary bling that makes this really stand out.

This is a 130mph rocket, that can just as happily freestyle and cruise for upwards of 10 minutes. As a 6S 7" setup, this is an ideal endurance racer for long flowy tracks, and with a GoPro on carbon top plate, an excellent chase quad.

As far as setup details, I've settled on the Cicada 6S 30A 4-in1 ESC as the best value option - BLHeli_S works great for me, and this has been bulletproof with the addition of a 35V 1000uF FM Capacitor. After causing a couple of ESC fires trying to get really cheap motors and ESCs to work with 7042 props, I decided to move up to GWX2507 motors in 1500KV paired with a Cicada ESC. I'm planning a clone of this with the G2508 1550KV motors, but otherwise identical setup.
The Furibee F4 V5 works great even on 6S, and the simple MMCX AxII attached has really excellent RF performance. I haven't stretched its legs past half a mile, but this would be an excellent long range platform, especially with a 6S 2200mAh pack.

This is mostly missing a GoPro mounting capability, although that is currently a deliberate choice since I am looking to maximize flight time with a really light build (<550g AUW) that will allow me to run affordable 1300mAH batteries with good flight times, or casually move up to 6S 1300mAh packs to get up towards 10 minutes.

What is most amusing to me is calculating that I can have a 7" quad that weighs the exact same as the first 5" quads I've built , thanks in part to some high end parts, but mostly understanding what pieces I don't necessarily need to bring along.

Moving to 6S 1300mAh packs, this thing screams on 7" props. Hilariously fast on the top end, still has piles of grip in turns. CMad took this one out for a spin on the BMPR-3 track and handily destroyed my fastest time of the day even on an unfamiliar quad. The top speed and punch with that much pack is absolutely savage. Everything handled 6S and high throttle insanity just fine, so I'd rate this as a full on 7"-6S rated build.

Banggood cannot figure out how to ship the correct motors, so I'm stuck with the WX2507 Deerhound version instead of the G2507 Madrid. Frustrating, but I can't think of a better excuse to try pinning it with a 5S pack.

It's not terribly fast outright on 4S - actually fastest with 6055 triblades (6x5.5x3) props with those 1300mAh packs, but five minute flight times while testing out the flight envelope (including sticks to plastic) were par with the 7042 Flash biblades. Same with 5S, running 6" props provides higher top speed, but some more top end was on offer. That setup bumped me out of the BMPR-Recce class race by completing 8 laps in 78s.

As far as the basic electronics stack - I actually would highly recommend this for somebody looking to achieve extreme performance on a tight budget:
Furibee F4V5 FC/VTX // ZMR/Cicada 30A 6S 4-in-1 ESC // RCX LS2207 1700KV Motors // Floss 2.1 Frame
With a 1000uF 35V cap on the VBAT rail and a 220uF 25V cap on the 5V rail, everything stays clean and well behaved. Extreme efficiency is possible using a 5S battery on 6", and extreme performance with good disc unloading is possible with 6S batteries and 5" props.

EDIT: This build has been up-cycled into a dedicated long range 7" build using this frame and drivetrain, and the canopy has moved to a hybrid 5"/6" racer. This concept has been developed into the Floss2.1 7" Sharkitecture to support a lightweight HD camera (Caddx Turtle) with even more powerful 2508 1550KV motors.


Part List


HyperLite Floss "2" (Choose Arm Length ) (46 builds)

Flight Controller

F4 V5 PRO Flight Controller with OSD - $42.09 |GearBest.com (5 builds)




4X Garila G2507 1500KV X2507 2350KV Brushless Motor for RC Drone FPV Racing (5 builds)


Gemfan 7042-2 Flash Series Prop - 2CW 2CCW (5 builds)

FPV Camera

Caddx Turbo Micro F1 1/3" CMOS 2.1mm 1200TVL 16:9/4:3 NTSC/PAL Low Latency FPV Camera 4.5g (77 builds)


Lumenier AXII Straight MMCX 5.8GHz Antenna (RHCP) (14 builds)


FrSky XSR 2.4GHz 16CH Receiver (481 builds)


Turnigy Graphene 1300mAh 5S1P 65C Lipo Battery (14 builds)


CNHL 14.8V 4S 1300mAh 100C G+ Plus LiPo Battery - XT60 (141 builds)


FrSky Taranis QX7 ACCESS 2.4GHz RC Transmitter - Choose Your Color (263 builds)


Flysight FPV Goggles 5.8Ghz Diverity Video Goggles SPX02 40CH Wireless RC Drone Racing Goggles with HDMI in and PIP Function DJI

Misc Parts

Color Craze Nail Polish

Misc Parts

Floss 2 & 2.1 Nylon Canopy By Phoenix 3D Solutions (6 builds)

Misc Parts

All-Purpose Liquid Dye

Video Receiver

ClearView 5.8 Ghz Pro Receiver - ClearView Factory Direct

Radio Module

iRangeX IRX4 Plus 2.4G CC2500 NRF24L01 A7105 CYRF6936 4 IN 1 Multiprotocol STM32 TX Module With Case (5 builds)

Battery Charger

ISDT SC-608 150W 8A MINI Smart LCD Battery Balance Charger AU Warehouse (14 builds)

Soldering Iron

TS100 Portable Programmable Smart Soldering Iron (265 builds)


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FPVisioning   Jul 02, 2019  

You have that heavy tpu pod . . .

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tehllama   Jul 05, 2019 

They're impressive. With these oversized and budget motors, I'm closer to 14A on 6S at the same speed, but I can push quite a bit harder when I want. Downside is that I don't have the throttle discipline to stay at those low power draw levels and get nice 5 minutes flights - I end up just pinning it and coming down with hot batteries after half that time.

FPVisioning   Jul 06, 2019 

I'm running 6s as well on the tmotor/racerstar Aria A 2508 motors. I use a 1300mah lipo and get four minutes of bashing or six minutes of cruising

tehllama   Jul 06, 2019 

I think a lot of that is the KV difference. Higher KV lets me burn through a whole battery in 150s, which likely is what costs me those longer duration flights.

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