Budget chopped Martian

By LoaDy588 on Mar 09, 2018

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Current status: After maiden flight(s), possessed by desync or some other satanic creature. Not trying to repair it, will buid new quad.

General rambling

My first 5inch budget build, inspired by Wizard Killer Mk3(love that color scheme!) and UAVFutures' 99USD build.

The first flight was nice, until I landed bit more hard on concrete, after which I started to get desync - could hover easily, but when I got to around 15-20% throttle, one of the motors just gets stuck at full throttle, flipping the quad into ground or sending it hurling towards something hard. I tried playing around with min_throttle in BF and StartTime in BlHeli, didn't help. Reflashing Betaflight and BlHeli also didn't help, will try to switch motors around to see if it is caused by motor or and ESC, then I'll either get new ESCs or new motor.

Apart from the current desync issue, I'm pretty happy with the build, The frame solid, the AIO FC is easy to solder up and the motors, although noisy, are smooth.



The frame is true and tested Martian II in the anniversary edition. I'm ultra happy with the frame, strong, cheap, just had to sand the edges of arms and plates a bit, they were really sharp. Decided to use 20mm standoffs like the Wizard Killer Mk3, the low stands make the profile of the quad really nice.


Flight controller is very good, no errors or anything, only lacks blackbox, which would currently be awesome feature right now after my maiden flight.


Motors developed some bearing rattle after the maiden flight(but there is no slop in the shaft, only the bearings are loud). One of the motors already arrived with noisy bearing. I dissassembled one of the motors and the bearings can be easily replaced, which is nice.


The Furibee ESC were the cheapest 30A ESCs I've found(around 3.5€ / 4USD at the time of purchase)...I should have ordered 5 or 6 of them. Looks like one of the ESCs is faulty after one harder landing(but it might also be a faulty motor, need to test that still).


Like the colour, but they feel pretty fragile and I've broken two already. WIll probably get some DAL Cyclones or HQs soon.


No FPV gear as I don't have any FPV goggles. But I plan to get some when I get some more money(I'm a student, not much of a disposable income atm.) For now I'm using X6B receiver with arduino as a wireless dongle for Liftoff sim, practicing FPV there.



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Jodie Froster   Mar 09, 2018  

Those esc's are widly regarded as some of the worst on the market

LoaDy588   Mar 10, 2018 

Yeah, I figured that for the price. But hey, All four cost me about 13€, which is less than one high end ESC. I'll try playing around with their settings a bit and see if the desync goes away. If that fails, I'll order some Racerstars or DYS.

Ruxys   Apr 12, 2018 

ah you got them when they were 3.30 eur or smth? damn i didnt have money at all then, but i gues 5 eur is still not bad

Ruxys   Apr 12, 2018  

How do you like the motors?

JC250   Feb 13, 2018  

The skill in los doesn’t transfer to fpv. I would just get them as soon as possible. Even getting a cheap rc832 hooked up to a monitor with at plugs would work. Fpv is amazing. When u want to get goggles, get either the vr006 or ev800d

jimborc   Apr 10, 2018 

Agreed, 2 different skillsets needed to fly FPV vs LOS. I found the transfer hard as i didnt have simulator experience.

JC250   Apr 10, 2018 

I didnt either until a couple weeks ago with this video that allows flysky users to connect to computers easily. Heres the vid:

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