Brushless 65mm 0603 1S "88"

By MicroManiac on Feb 13, 2018

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Not perfect but, close. A proper battery tray and pegs for TWR canopies would make it perfect. Other than those minor gripes, the build was a breeze and the amount of enjoyment, priceless... Flies as smooth as a 6mm 19,500kv bi-blade brushed setup but with more punch, even more than 25,000kv brushed motors. Motors are the HBFPV PnP 16,000kv variants. Although not advertised on BG, the bushings are "welded". See pics below.


Near 3 minutes of flight time on sub 260mah Whoop lipo - CHECK
Around 65mm motor to motor - CHECK
Around 19 grams dry - CHECK
Plug and Play motors - CHECK
+Quiet as a brushed 7mm Whoop
+Turtle mode!!!!

Dare I call this a real brushless Whoop?

With all the user friendly brushless parts in the "Whoop" form factor hitting the market, this could possibly be the year of the sub 66mm brushless 1S. Happy Valentines day and Chinese New Year! 88 = Double Happiness


Been playing with 0802 motors in various KV's on the 65mm wheelbase and was reminded of when 7x16 motors first hit the scene. The punch on the 16K isn't as instaneous as high kv 0603's but when it does kick in, it is somewhat comparable to a car with a turbo'ed engine. 0802 19K is slightly more linear with the power however, you sacrifice some flight time. Defininately more torque than 0603 and surprisingly more efficent with 31mm props. Shocked to achieve a lightweight build with the Happymodel/BFPV 0802's using the parts listed in the 10.26 journal update. Flight times a little OVER 5 MINUTES using a 300mah stick with minimal sag on a solid pinned PH 2.0 cable. I think this build is well balanced and would do exceptionally well in technical courses. Also reminicent of when OG racers recommended low kv builds for racing.

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It looks like the hobby/BnF market has caught up with the realization of fun/cheap light weight 1S brushless 65mm Tiny Whoop clones, e.g. URUAV/US/UK65.

I've been using high kv HappyModel motors since early March for 30 bucks a pop off Amazon Prime and, I still cannot recommend anything else because of price, performance, and availibity. I've tried every 06xx on the market and none has come close or out performed the HBFPV's used in this build execpt for the HappyModels and its BetaFPV clone. The early HBFPV's were underrated from factory, the three sets I tested were definatly more powerful than all the 16,000kv offerings at the time. As far as 65mm frames, I recommend the URUAV/US/UK frame for lightweight race builds and the BetaFPV v3 frame for practice as they are beefier and don't break. Plenty of 31mm props out on the market with 0.8 or 1.0mm hole options so, no need for drilling. Also, HappyModel 0603's can be had with either 0.8 or 1.0mm motor shafts. Camerawise, the TWR fx900tw is still the lightest split vtx option you can buy out the box however, I found that mixing the Caddx Firefly vtx with the fx900tw cam is slightly lighter and you have smartaudio capability!

Below is a list of recommended parts for those who like to build instead of buying BnF, All parts can be had and shipped quickly from Amazon.
Total weight should be a little over 20 grams. For advanced builders, IT CAN BE LIGHTER. Hit me up for details.

  • BetaFPV F4 1S FC w/integrated RX, remove rolled/bent pin connector for 20 AWG solid pin connector for less sag
  • URUAV or BFPV v2 1S brushless frame ~3.2g FOR LIGHTWEIGHT RACE BUILD
  • BFPV v3 1S brushless frame ~3.6 FOR PRATICE AND CRASHING
  • HappyModel 0603 19,000kv or BetaFPV "black version" 0603 19,000kv
  • TWR fx900tw cam, Caddx Firefly vtx to shave weight
  • TWR Razorskin canopy
  • Eachine 4 blade or TBS x TW 4 blade props
  • RDQ 255, GNB 250/260/300, or BetaFPV 300mah HV batteries

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UPDATED 03.16.18
-TPU snap in battery holder created by @banq -




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Apis   Jan 19, 2019  

Awesome build!
I like this kind of build, modular parts. Separated Rx and VTX from FC.
I need to build one. That Razor canopy is super expensive but looks so nice.

Where do you get those black color 65mm frame?
Which motor best for taking hard turn 14kv or 16kv?
All I see only white color frame from betafpv.

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Apis   Feb 02, 2019 

After read your page and micro motor review by

, instantly order all the parts.

Probably next week I got time to assemble all the parts.

Thanks for all the info. It is really helps me since I am the only one in my state flying FPV Race Quad. Friends from internet help me a lot.


Have a nice day bro.

MicroManiac   Feb 04, 2019 

That guy is a local and a buddy of mine. My updated guide might be lighter than his build. Wait until you see my video. Should have time to post soon!

Apis   Feb 05, 2019 

Because of your pages and your friend video, make me easy to choose parts.

Yes, please make a video. Love to watch. :D

jbrahney   Jan 16, 2019  

This thing is awesome, definitely gonna be one of my next builds! Where did you get the solid pin connectors for the ph 2.0 pigtail? I haven't gotten any reliable or good quality ones yet and the ones you have look good!

MicroManiac   Jan 17, 2019 

Thank you for the kind words! Kados has some good ones, Progressive has the most robust I've seen but spendy. If you're going to build, I definitely recommend 0802's. Have so much updat, little time to share and post.

jbrahney   Jan 17, 2019 

Did you make the connectors you have on this one? I just haven't found any with wire larger than 24 gauge. Any links would really be appreciated. Would you go for the 16k or 19k 0802? Thanks again and keep posting more awesome builds!

MicroManiac   Jan 18, 2019 

Going to find some time to post a separte build+vids of the updated formula I've been flying for a while, stay tunned. Links to connectors:

Nezo   Oct 29, 2018  

Hello Micromaniac !
Your 88 brushless looks very good ! thanks for sharing it with the community. May I dare a few questions about it ?
How do you feel with this build after the time ? How did the motors handle over time ? longer than brushed or what ? Is it hard to drill the propellers hole strait ?

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Nezo   Oct 30, 2018 

Thanks for your answer. So I'll ask more !

You said 12 hours before performance drops so brushlesses do wear out also ? What about replacing the bearing as it seems to be possible on last edition from happymodel. Then it should last as long as you don't bent the shaft by a crash, or I missed something ?

About Kvs, I was planning to go rather for 16000kv, thinking it would be enought to whoop in a house with increased flight time. And also not having a too sensitive throttle. I'm using now both stock bwoop 716 brushed and 19000Kv upgrades and I would be happy with similar behavior from a brushless version. Is there an equivalence between 19000kv brushless and brushed ? I thought brushless would be faster...

And about shaft, I was more attracted by the 1mm shaft that I suposed more durable. What do you think ?

And just because I'm curious, do you fly always brushless, even at whoop flavor, or there are some case where you rather go brushed ??

MicroManiac   Nov 01, 2018 

Yes it does. I wouldn't worry about it, never had to repalce a bearing or have a shaft bend. Brushless is more hobby grade and brushed toy grade.
I used to carry a 7x16 brushed 65mm at race events for low speed technial courses but, have really flown brush much since the growth of 06xx brushless "Whoops". The best advice I can give is to try out all the possible combinations and see which you like. Not everyone has the same flying style or enviornment.

Nezo   Nov 02, 2018 

Thanks again for your answers !
Still there is something I don't understand : you said you never had to replace a bearing or had a shaft bend. Then I don't get why would you have to change theses motors after some time... ?
Yes I'm planning to give it a try but I would like to learn a bit from other's experience about it before going into some direction.

NathanAmn   Jun 10, 2018  

What battery do you use??? how many calls and how many mahs and what brand.

MicroManiac   Oct 26, 2018 

Sorry for the late response, haven't logged on since summer. I use GNB 250, 260, or the new Beta 300mah off Amazon.

ellascottgm   May 18, 2018  

I think this build looks like a badass little hotrod hotmail sign in

terranmetal   May 02, 2018  

Hey i almost have an identical build inspired by your 88 save for the receiver, motors and fc at the moment. What i cant seem to figure out is how you made the two pegs for the frame on each side to fit the canopy. Can you please show me?

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terranmetal   May 13, 2018 

Hey thanks for the reply, I was able to to do the trick for the extra pegs for the canopy.

However, now I get to 21.5 grams without battery. How did you manage 19 grams? Did you trim some extra weight or do anything to achieve that? Is that 19grams with the 3d printed holder? If so I gotta be doing something wrong. I'm using the exact same parts as you are.

terranmetal   May 13, 2018 

Oh also, how did you get turtle mode working? I've got it on a switch and every time I use it , it doesn't seem to have enough power to flip over, did you have to do some special settings? I'm running reversed props as well, this hasn't happened with my other quads.

MicroManiac   May 17, 2018 

It's almost 20 grams, about 19.8 without 3D printed battery holder. Are you sure you're using the same exact parts? Not running reversed props, just regular BF orientation and don't have anything special setup other than the norm setup for turtle mode.

EnemyAce   Apr 17, 2018  

This build looks like a badass little hotrod with the candy red canopy and flat black frame. Well done!

MicroManiac   Apr 17, 2018 

Thank you!

Scott in Tokyo   Feb 19, 2018  

This is such a great looking micro. I just finished my first micro yesterday and now I'm wanting a brushless one. Nice work

MicroManiac   Apr 17, 2018 

Thank you!

Turble   Mar 21, 2018  

any flight videos?

MicroManiac   Mar 22, 2018 

banq   Mar 01, 2018  

How have these motors been holding up?

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MicroManiac   Mar 01, 2018 

And people already broke them? Yes today or tomorrow for sure!

banq   Mar 01, 2018 

Apparently. He didn't even get to fly it FPV before it broke. =(

MicroManiac   Mar 01, 2018 

Who is he? Dang!

MicroManiac   Mar 01, 2018  

Chinese New year celebrations with the In-Laws DONE, packing and getting my place ready for market DONE, will have video up by tonight or this weekend for sure!

sp1nnak3r   Feb 23, 2018  

What battery do you recommend?

MicroManiac   Mar 01, 2018 

For racing, anything smaller than 260 and for cruising, GNB 550's.

banq   Feb 20, 2018  

Any reason you couldn't drill small holes in the sides of the razor skin canopy and use the standard screws? Aesthetics? Weight?

MicroManiac   Feb 20, 2018 

Aesthetics and I like to be able to get under the hood easily. I used to screw these canopies on back in my E010/S days as, the FC was mounted higher on those old frames.

deadmoo   Feb 18, 2018  

I am going to try this frame dying method. I am going to try a bright color instead of black though. Do you think it will work?

tehllama   Feb 19, 2018 

Rit Dye tends to add more vibrant colors over light colors - if you're starting with white, off-white, tan, or something you can get pretty true colors - if it's a different color, you'll get some mixing - that said, if you're already somewhat close you can get a nice color depending what you're after (e.g. if you want green, starting off with Yellow tends to work find, it's just a bit brighter than what you want, whereas a bright blue would come out a bit more aqua colored).

deadmoo   Feb 17, 2018  

Where did you get the 3D printed piece to mount the camera?

MicroManiac   Feb 17, 2018 

Came with the Cam/vTX combo from, see link in build desc. You can also buy them separately or print on your own.

deadmoo   Feb 15, 2018  

I wish the price would come down on these small brushless motors. They are nearly the same price as a set of 220x/230x motors. I really want a whoop with turtle mode, but that motor price is what is keeping me away.

MicroManiac   Feb 15, 2018 

Take a look at Boldclash, they just released their 0603's which look exactly like BFPV, etc. for around 15 dollars cheaper. I am sure they're built in the same factory as well.

Niekocaster   Feb 15, 2018  

where did you get that canopy?

leigerreign   Feb 14, 2018  

Wow that is a super clean, well assembled, and light build. Really nice work. Did you use the 16000KV motors? I only wish I had a bigger house to fly this in! Happy Lunar New Year!

MicroManiac   Feb 14, 2018 

Thank you for the kind words and happy Lunar to you as well! I have a small place and it's pretty tame/enjoyable with a heavier battery like GNB 450mah. 260 and below is too fast for my flying level, even at 1S!

MicroManiac   Feb 14, 2018 

Yes, they are the 16,000kv. For some reason the site won't let me link the individual motor and version.

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