Airblade Eclair V2 Pro

By Stradith.604 on Feb 15, 2018

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Great little filming rig with the split and able to push some good power out of sticky situations. Build this originally for racing...but has turned into my proximity filming rig! Can’t wait for the weather to get better for some some decent footage.



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UptiltFPV   Feb 12, 2019  

Which KV of motor did you use? Also do you find the tornado motors to be efficient? Im about to start a build on this frame and i was going to use a set of HGLRC flame 1407 motors i had left over from another quad but id like to make it long range so im thinking about investing in a more efficient set of motors.. any observations or suggestions is greatly appreciated

Stradith.604   Feb 13, 2019 

The BH are super torquey motors. The magnets are super strong on this one, so it makes it more low end than high end. These are 3600KV motors. I haven't used the flame motors, but at a lower KV, you may have better long range capabilites as well as being more efficient with magnets that aren't as strong.

snackdaddy185   Feb 26, 2018  

Looks good. Im doing a similar build, what did you use for spacers for the side plates to mount the camera? Im having a hard time finding something that fits well.

Stradith.604   Feb 26, 2018 

Honestly, I have a lot of random parts here and there. What I had were 3mm plastic washers for M3 that I just used. If you do not have anything like that, I would suggest maybe a couple m3 nylon lock nuts or some metal washers found at hardware stores. Best to find M2 washers...but those are harder to come by

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