Brushless Pequeño Whoop

By banq on Mar 29, 2018

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Started with a RTF Beta65 Pro 1s w/ DSMx receiver. Right off the bat, I didn't like the whole "rubber band" battery holder so I modeled up a small TPU piece that holds a 1s. The motors were also pretty noisy and the bells had visible play. Ordered another set from Amazon which are an improvement but still have some of the same issues. I also moved to BFPV tri-blade props. Replaced the included rx with a standard DSMx satellite receiver to fix some weird failsafes. Replaced the Z01 AIO with a FXT900 and canopy from TW to shave some more grams. Used the same mounting screws to bolt the canopy down. It had a really hard time turtling with the stock canopy but I think the reduced weight and flatter top help it get up and over with the stingray canopy. I have another set of motors on the way to test. Eventually the vTX will probably be a Unify Nano matched with a crossfire nano so I can have SA control as well.

Mount to hold 1s lipo:

Update: 7/3/18

So after some lackluster performance, I decided some upgrades were needed. I swapped out the motors with the 20000kv set from TBS. They don't come with connectors so I direct soldered them to the board. I also swapped over to the updated frame which has the built in battery holder. After these two updates, it weighs in at 20g w/o lipo (1g lighter than my brushed build) and it absolutely rips. It's way faster and has comparable T/W as the brushless but with more top end and i'd say faster spool-up. It still makes a racket which is annoying but the performance has put this build back into my whoop rotation.


Part List


Beta65 Pro Micro Brushless Whoop Frame (17 builds)

Flight Controller

F3 Brushless 1S Flight Controller (ESC + OSD) (7 builds)


TBS Micro Brushless Motors Set 20000kv


TBS Micro Race Props (Black) (1MM HUB)

FPV Camera

FX900TW Detached Ultralight Camera, VTX, Antenna (Left, Right or Dipole) and Mount (18 builds)


DSMX Remote Receiver (SPM9645) (2 builds)

HD Camera

GoPro Hero5 Session (197 builds)

Misc Parts

Razor Skin - Hydro Canopies
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MicroManiac   Apr 03, 2018  

Thank you again for the TPU mount, makes this frame wayyyyyyy better! From my experience, a rubberband eventually bends the frame over time. Tried many and couldn't find one with the pefect amount of resistance, either too tight or loose. Also tried 3M duralock and not enough surface area on the frame to stay on. This mount is must for this frame. I also loove how it snaps right in!

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