MRM Reaper 195mm build

By AcroFPV on Aug 27, 2016

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I picked up the newest Racing Frame from MRM, and used it to try out some new flight control board & stress test the 4-in-1 20A esc. This ESC uses the F390 chip and the same firmware as the standard BLHeli for LittleBee 20A. It wont be the latest and greatest BLHeli_S, but it is a tried & true setup that I am confident in.

This is my first build using the F3 Omnibus from Airbot. I got the board from in record time, and it pairs perfectly with the 4-in-1 20A Zeus. The 4-in-1 ESC does not have a BEC so there is no 5V output, but the Omnibus will run off direct lipo power, and has its own 1.5A BEC making the two a perfect match! The 1.5A BEC will be plenty of power for the Receiver & OSD too. The one thing I liked best about this build is the fact the OSD is using SPI mode and connected directly to the CPU on the flight control board. This allows for seamless integration and with the latest Betaflight 3.0 GUI you are able to setup your OSD and flash new fonts without ever having to mess with a FTDI programmer again!

I added a 12V Pololu to this build in order to power the FPV Gear. It is conveniently wired to the VBAT & RAM pins, which sends direct lipo voltage to the Pololu, and then the pololu sends clean 12V power to the VTX & Camera's power. The 4-in-1 ESC eliminates the need for a PDB. And with the flight controller having its built in OSD, all the video components wire neatly to the flight board, cutting down on excess wiring. Making this one of the neatest build I have ever completed, and the lightest at 280 grams dry!

I removed the entire bottom section with arms, so that I could install the extra screws in the arms, which i failed to installed in the beginning (in an attempt to save extra weight). On second thought, I knew it would be a whole lot stronger if I had those screws in place.
Also installed are some 3D printed motor guards that should better protect my motors & arm in case of impact. I also installed a 3D Printed wedge to hold my Hero3 & Yi camera. New photos show the updated dry weight as 296 grams, and the all-up-weight (AUW) of 568 grams with a 1550mah Tattu 75C 4S Lipo & the Hero3 cam.


Part List


MRM Reaper 195/220 FPV Racing Frame (22 builds)

Flight Controller

Airbot Omnibus F3 Flight Controller with OSD (59 builds)


MRM Zeus 4x20 PRO ESC


4 x DYS SE2205 2300KV Brushless Motor – MultiRotorMania (17 builds)


DAL 5x4 V2 3 Blade Props - T5040 - Full Set – MultiRotorMania (2 builds)

FPV Camera

Mini 600tvl Sony Super HAD CCD FPV Camera

FPV Transmitter

Hawkeye 200mw Race Band 32ch Video Transmitter (62 builds)

Misc Parts

12V Step-Down Voltage Regulator Pololu D24V5F12 (3 builds)
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Whiffles   Sep 28, 2016  

Love these photos! I'm doing an Omnibus build and I keep referring to these as a reference.

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