iFlight XL7 - Long Range 7"

By Quadxl on Feb 23, 2018

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So far my main builds are 3" and 5". So have decided to skip 6" and jumped straight to a 7" build.
The iFlight frames looks like a good switchable arms frame and it's massive and strong for the purpose.
For Motors was waiting quite a long time for Brother Hobby 2507 release. 1850Kv, low, but probably not low enough to get a high efficient setup.
I tried several props, the Tarot from BG are a crap! easily break even by hand. Latest video with Gemfan Flash 7042 getting 12 minutes of great cruise using Dinogy 2x1300mah 4S 80C. Pretty good time.


Part List


XL7 V2 Long Range FPV Freestyle Frame (9 builds)

Flight Controller

BeeRotor F4 BetaFlight Flight Controller w/OSD
See Site


Spedix GS35 35A - BLHeli_32 ESC (DShot1200) (10 builds)


BrotherHobby Avenger 2507 2450KV 4-6S Brushless CW Motor 7'' Prop for FPV Racing Drone (3 builds)


Gemfan 7042-2 Flash Series Prop - 2CW 2CCW (5 builds)

FPV Camera

RunCam Eagle 2 FPV Camera - 16:9 (99 builds)

FPV Transmitter

TBS UNIFY PRO 5G8 HV (RP-SMA) (80 builds)


TBS Triumph SMA (RHCP 2pcs) (539 builds)


TBS Crossfire Micro Receiver V2 (276 builds)

Power Distribution

BeeRotor Power Distribution Board V2.0(w/ 5V,12V Out put)
See Site

HD Camera

GoPro HERO5 Session (197 builds)

Misc Parts

Micro uBlox M8N GPS GLONASS W/ (18x18mm) (39 builds)
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Caminhao   Feb 23, 2020  

Hi friend, can you help me? I have a vibration in my xl7 long range that I cannot remove, I am using gopro camera session 5. could you please share with me your betaflight setup? PID’s etc. thanks for your help, friend

Klean_kwadsfpv   Dec 25, 2018  

This is such an awesome build. o you need any special programming on bf or any specific equipment to run that double xt60 - double battery or does it kind of just work itself out?

RocketSquidFPV   Feb 27, 2018  

What's the flight time like? Interested to see what that monster of a battery array provides

Quadxl   Feb 27, 2018 


fretman   Sep 25, 2018 

what's was the flying weight for 12min flight?

UpMostBeast FPV   Aug 25, 2018  

i heard the gemfan 7042 don't fit on the xl7 v2 frame. Have you had any issues?

Quadxl   Aug 29, 2018 

I will let you know soon.

zytra   Jun 05, 2018  

cool - what version of BF/BuF are you running? and what do your PID's look like?

Quadxl   Jun 06, 2018 

BF 3.2.5, all stock PIDs.

Fletch   May 17, 2018  

I'm finishing up my iFlight Xl7 build and I can't find any GoPro mounts or GPS mounts that come close to yours. Can you post the STL please?

Quadxl   May 18, 2018 

Here you go. Don't forget to LIKE: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2918067

ellascottgm   May 18, 2018  

I thinks iFlight Xl7 have similar build geometry dash

sylo   Mar 18, 2018  

nice! i have similar build, but my gps is elevated on a mast, do you have STL file for that gopro/gps-mout, i'm begging :D

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