Mosquito Hunter

By TaterrsFPV on Feb 27, 2018

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I had so much fun building Red Storm, so I decided to go even smaller. WOW talk about cramming everything into such a small space. Sorry if there are no pictures of under the hood, I know you can buy this little guy as a BNF, but thought it would be a challenge to add my own components. I had to shave some carbon away but everything fits pretty good. Hover test went well now to take her to the playground and have some fun!!! I was asked a question about my connections so I went back and broke down build to show the guts.



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ICEMAN   Feb 28, 2018  

Nice! I have this frame too, didn't build it yet. How do those FC and ESC go together?- Are you able to use the connector or do you have to solder all the signal wires individually? Hard to see from the pics. Also, did you figure out what the tiny metal washers are for that came with the frame? I have no idea lol- no instructions.

TaterrsFPV   Feb 28, 2018 

Thanks for the thumbs up!! I did wire everthing up individually. It was a very tight fit. BuddyRC does carry the 4 and 1, and the FC that is made for this frame. Sadly thou its only an F3 board. As far as the metal washers go they are still in the box lol. Ill break down to get a pic of connections. You brought up a good point so thanks for that ICEMAN!!

PropHawk   Jul 31, 2018 

I have the 130. the FC and esc made for this frame has a pin connector. I don't have any metal washers in my bnf but thinking they are for cameras without a housing.

Whiffles   Feb 27, 2018  

That's a neat looking little frame. How is the quality? BTW you've got 8 motors priced out there.

TaterrsFPV   Feb 27, 2018 

Thanks You!! I just updated amount of motors. Yeah carbon frame seems to be pretty robust, but the red plastic parts I don't think would take a lot of abuse. Buddy RC does carry replacement parts :) There is a newer frame,, but I don't think it is as strong as this one.

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