Fish Are Friends, Not Food

By LawnDart on Mar 04, 2018

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I swore to never build something small again - OR - Awwwwww Yeah, Another FalconMultirotors Frame!

Round 1 - The First Build [3/1/18]

So I bought an old revision FC that has a voltage regulator that keeps me from using fully charged batteries. Awesome. Ordered a replacement regulator from DigiKey, we'll see how well replacing it goes.

Round 2 - The Mulligan [3/7/18]

I was impatient and found a v2 PepperFish/FuriousFPV ESC locally. Also noticed that the TinyFish FC has a current sensor but it wasn't wired up in the stack I bought, so I wired the bat connector to the FC and the ESC to the FC.

Fingers crossed but it seems to fly great. I managed to shave 1-2g off the weight while adding 2s capability, so that is a bonus.

Round 3 - Oh God, Please No [?/?/??]




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FreeKill998   Mar 05, 2018  

what kind of flight time do you get with this?

LawnDart   Mar 05, 2018 

On the 260mAh HV packs, ~2-3 minutes. I have a few 450mah packs on their way and I think the flight time will offset their weight.

Nolanfeatherstun   Mar 05, 2018  

That final pic gave me a heart attack 😱

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