$75 / 80mm 2S/3S Brushless Micro - Unbeatable value!

By alwaysbless on Apr 05, 2018

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I own a number of other quads ranging in size from 250mm to 120mm and I wanted something a little smaller and less intimidating to fly around the neighborhood with and at the local parks. I also wanted to leave some room for future upgrades in the event that I ever wanna switch it over to 3S so I based this build on the same stack found in the leader 120 (Omnibus Micro F3 x 20a 4in1 esc). This means its already 3s capable but will require a simple motor upgrade before switching over from 2S. The FC also feature beta flight OSD for flight stats and the whole thing minus batteries / rx / props can at this time be built for less than 75 dollars shipped.

Design Tips:

Its very hard to come by m2 standoffs smaller than 6mm so to keep the distance between the 4in1esc and FC to a minimum I actually used 2x m2 bolts in each corner beneath both the flight controller and the esc. I also had to rotate the flight controller 90 degress clockwise in order to allow for enough room for the Micro USB / VBAT and 8pin ports to not touch eachother.

Design Obstacles:

Frame: The frame I chose is very well designed but the standoffs included for the bottom half I found were too short to allow for much clearance in terms of the 4in1esc and flight controller. Additionally, there was no room to secure the RX anywhere but to the side of the camera housing which leaves it exposed and positioned in an odd place. SO what I did was use taller standoffs (m2x20) which allowes for more clearance beneath the camera and I was then able to zip tie the RX in place below.

Motors/Props: The 1103 Motors I used have a very low profile and with 2inch props there is just barely enough room between the props tips and the esc. This makes me nervous especially since in the event of a crash they can easily bend down and at that point probably touch. So as a workaround you can use 110x vibration dampners to slightly elevate the motor from the frame. Alternatively you can just purchase 1104, 1105, 1106 motors which will naturally be taller or use smaller 1935/1735 props.

Betaflight: Since this build uses an AIO LST S2 800TVL/VTX if you plan on using the betaflight OSD for flight stats you will need to snip the top pin found on the right hand side of the cam/vtx combo. From there you can solder wire to both pins indvidually that way you can split them to the video in / video out on the flight controller. Also, w/ the placement of the flight controller (the only orientation that will work for this build) if you need to plug it in to betaflight for configuration or updates it will require that you remove the front standoff each time since it blocks access to the Micro USB port (minor inconvenience).

Maiden Flight:

Still tuning and testing but heres a 60 sec sample of some footage I captured flying it at the park for the first time.

Battery Testing:

Quick test using the Fullspeed 500mah 2s 30c lipos vs Tattu 650mah 2S 75C vs Turnigy Nanotech 450mah 2S 65C. The full speed lipos seen in the first clip are defintely my battery of choice right now. The other two seem to work good also but arent quite as punchy and are much heavier / wider which you can defintely notice during acro maneuvers.


3D Printed some custom 110x vibration dampeners in TPU for the arms. They have helped big time with keeping vibrations to a minimum with larger sized lipos and also serve as a layer of protection for the frame in the event of a crash. Dl them @ https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2857509



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Jodie Froster   9 days ago  

I like how thoroughly you protected the ipex/ufl connector

alwaysbless   8 days ago 

Hell yea, those little weak connectors are prone to just ripping right off the pcb board. I hot glue, shrink wrapped and zip tied it and its been bullet proof so far.

ICEMAN   5 days ago 

I usually just throw some solder right on top, bridge the two ground pads and hold it in ;) that thing aint goin nowhere!

ICEMAN   6 days ago  

is the camera angle fixed or can u tilt it?

alwaysbless   6 days ago 

You can adjust it. If you look closely at the side shots of the camera housing theres a bolt that can be adjusted to set the angle.

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