Budget 2S Brushless Micro - $65 / 80mm / 78g AUW

By alwaysbless on Apr 05, 2018

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Sourced using the cheapest components one can find.

Build Tips:

1) This x2 eyas is not the most durable frame out there. In order to prevent damage (as much as possible) to the carbon fiber use nylon m2 screws everywhere except when securing props to the motors. This way in the event of a crash they will shear off rather than your frame break.

2) The LST S2 is so small that in some cases you may find that it wiggles in between the two standoffs used to secure it in place. In order to prevent it from moving during flight try using some small heat shrink tubing on each of the 2 standoffs that way it adds some grip and slightly increases the diameter.

3) Secure your lipos using a small hair tie. Tutoral @ h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCE0X30dxtU

4) Once youve finished building and verified all components are functioning properly apply some potting compund over the solder joints on the FC to insulate them and secure the wiring in place (see pictures below).


The LST S2 comes with the cameras +/-/signal pads pre-soldered to the vtx using a push through pin. If you plan on using the betaflight OSD for flight stats you will need to snip the top pin found on the right hand side of the cam/vtx combo. From there you can solder wire to both pins indvidually that way you can split them to the video in / video out on the flight controller. (See picture below)


The Crazypony 450mah 2s 80c lipos are the best ive been able to find so far in terms of overall capacity, discharge rate and weight. They give on average about 4min of solid flight time. You can bump the size up a little to a 500-650mah lipo but you dont wanna go overboard since itll begin to weigh the quad down and affect performance.



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le_vinsky   Jun 19, 2018  

Nice build. I also got this sweet little frame:) My plan is to use 1106, high KV motors on 2S. I'd like it to be tiny, light yet super-powerful, pocket-rocket flyer for smaller spaces. But somehow I can't find 2S/1106/2" combo build examples. Everyone seems to put at least 2.5" props on 1106 motors. So I'm starting to wonder that maybe my concept is flawed. What do you think?

Thomaat   Nov 13, 2018 

I am using 1106 7100kv motors on my 2 inch build (I don't have it featured yet). And I would not recommend it to you. I only get about 2.5 minutes flighttime on a 550mah 3S gnb. On 2S I get a brown out on a punch. Just stick to 1104 I would say, with a light build even 1103.

le_vinsky   Nov 15, 2018 

Ultimately I went for 1104s and its just fine. I guess 1106s are overkill for tiny builds. Thank you for your suggestions.

Quadlite   Jul 06, 2018  

Great build. Nice bang for the buck! I really wanted to try that esc/fc combo but its sadly been discontinued. Im trying to find a cheap alternative. Do you any suggestions?

alwaysbless   Nov 13, 2018 

Updated the parts list with another similar fc/esc combo

bengeek12   Apr 29, 2018  

would it be possible to fit a runcam split mini into this build?

Thomaat   Nov 13, 2018 

You could do it, but you will need a lot of out of the box thinking and I feel like it will fly not very well.

alwaysbless   Nov 13, 2018 

Doesnt seem like itd be a good idea due to the weight

Jodie Froster   Apr 12, 2018  

I like how thoroughly you protected the ipex/ufl connector

alwaysbless   Apr 13, 2018 

Hell yea, those little weak connectors are prone to just ripping right off the pcb board. I hot glue, shrink wrapped and zip tied it and its been bullet proof so far.

ICEMAN   Apr 16, 2018 

I usually just throw some solder right on top, bridge the two ground pads and hold it in ;) that thing aint goin nowhere!

ICEMAN   Apr 15, 2018  

is the camera angle fixed or can u tilt it?

alwaysbless   Apr 15, 2018 

You can adjust it. If you look closely at the side shots of the camera housing theres a bolt that can be adjusted to set the angle.

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