2S On a Budget - $65 / 80mm / 78g AUW

By alwaysbless on Apr 05, 2018

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Sourced using the cheapest components one can find. Everything can be bought from Aliexpress also to reduce the # of e-tailers involved and save you a bunch on shipping.

Back Story:

Originally this quad was designed using the flight stack found in the leader 120 and was 2s/3s capable depending on the choice of motors. Recently Ive made changes to my lineup and determined this quad will never give the same level of performance on 3s as my slightly bigger 2.5" quad. So I've re-built it from the ground up to be specifically designed for 2s using the super_s f3 stack. This has saved a ton of weight, allows for much more clearance between props and the flight controller and has allowed me to dramatically decrease its overall price.

Build Tips:

1) Due to the way the flight controller and esc are oriented in this build if you were to copy 100% from how I have it layed out you will need to resource map motors 1 to 4 and 2 to 3 (and vice versa) to swap the motor order to match betaflights default layout. You will also need to rotate the flight controller 270 degrees (mag) in order to compensate for the fact the flight controller is not front facing.

Resource Mapping Explained:

2) The x2 Eyas is not the most durable frame out there. In order to best prevent damage to the carbon fiber frame (and save a ton of weight) in the event of a crash I am using Nylon screws EVERYWHERE except for the bottom of the 3 standoffs and to secure the props to the motors.

3) At only 80mm in size this frame is a terrible candidate for a tradtional battery strap. Rubber bands also dont provide the level of re-usability and durability that I like so for securing my lipos I am using a small hair tie.

Hair Tie Tutorial: h ttps://

4) The LST-S2 AIO Cam/VTX had a slight wobble to it when secured in place between the two front standoffs on the camera housing. To prevent movement during flight I was able to use small shrink tubing around around each of the standoffs to increase diamter and provide more friction.


Quality 2" props are few and far between. Ive ordered so many sets testing and have only found a handful of ones that I can really recommend. My #1 props of choice are the Gemfan Quad blade 2035s. These seem to have a nice pitch to them, tons of thrust, decent durability and a damn cheap price + matching color way. In 2nd place are Dalprops Cylcon 2035Cs, these props are quad blade also so they are very similar to the gemfans but have superior durability and a slightly different pitch which gives a quiter but slightly less punchier flight.

The Crazy Pony 450mah 2s 75c lipos I'm using are the best compromise that Ive been able to find (yet) in terms of size/weight, flight time and discharge rate. They give about 6min hovering time and 3-4 of aggresive flying. Higher capacity lipos can also be used in this build but keep in mind the larger the size the heavier the weight so you dont wanna go to overboard because due to the light weight you can easily find your battery weighing down the quad and adversely affecting performance.

Sample Flight:



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le_vinsky   Jun 19, 2018  

Nice build. I also got this sweet little frame:) My plan is to use 1106, high KV motors on 2S. I'd like it to be tiny, light yet super-powerful, pocket-rocket flyer for smaller spaces. But somehow I can't find 2S/1106/2" combo build examples. Everyone seems to put at least 2.5" props on 1106 motors. So I'm starting to wonder that maybe my concept is flawed. What do you think?

Thomaat   Nov 13, 2018 

I am using 1106 7100kv motors on my 2 inch build (I don't have it featured yet). And I would not recommend it to you. I only get about 2.5 minutes flighttime on a 550mah 3S gnb. On 2S I get a brown out on a punch. Just stick to 1104 I would say, with a light build even 1103.

le_vinsky   Nov 15, 2018 

Ultimately I went for 1104s and its just fine. I guess 1106s are overkill for tiny builds. Thank you for your suggestions.

Quadlite   Jul 06, 2018  

Great build. Nice bang for the buck! I really wanted to try that esc/fc combo but its sadly been discontinued. Im trying to find a cheap alternative. Do you any suggestions?

alwaysbless   Nov 13, 2018 

Updated the parts list with another similar fc/esc combo

bengeek12   Apr 29, 2018  

would it be possible to fit a runcam split mini into this build?

Thomaat   Nov 13, 2018 

You could do it, but you will need a lot of out of the box thinking and I feel like it will fly not very well.

alwaysbless   Nov 13, 2018 

Doesnt seem like itd be a good idea due to the weight

Jodie Froster   Apr 12, 2018  

I like how thoroughly you protected the ipex/ufl connector

alwaysbless   Apr 13, 2018 

Hell yea, those little weak connectors are prone to just ripping right off the pcb board. I hot glue, shrink wrapped and zip tied it and its been bullet proof so far.

ICEMAN   Apr 16, 2018 

I usually just throw some solder right on top, bridge the two ground pads and hold it in ;) that thing aint goin nowhere!

ICEMAN   Apr 15, 2018  

is the camera angle fixed or can u tilt it?

alwaysbless   Apr 15, 2018 

You can adjust it. If you look closely at the side shots of the camera housing theres a bolt that can be adjusted to set the angle.

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