Kissed Stealth Reverb

By CMS1288 on Mar 11, 2018

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My smooth cruise and flow freestyle build. Definitely one of my cleanest builds and certainly flies incredibly smooth.

Running Dshot2400 and Adaptive Filtering.


Part List


REVERB 5" Frame (12 builds)

Flight Controller

KISS FC V2 - 32bit Flight Controller (15 builds)


4 x KISS ESC 2-6S 32A (45A limit) - 32bit brushless Motor Ctrl (10 builds)


4 x Lumenier MB2207-7 2700KV JohnnyFPV Motor (7 builds)


HQ 5x4.3x3 V1S (2CW+2CCW) PC **Choose Color** (231 builds)

FPV Camera

Runcam Eagle 2 Camera 4:3 for FPV Racing (80 builds)

FPV Transmitter

TBS UNIFY PRO 5G8 HV(SMA) (332 builds)


Lumenier AXII 5.8GHz Antenna (RHCP) (2pcs) (133 builds)


TBS Crossfire Micro Receiver V2 (189 builds)


CNHL 1300mAh 100C 4S G+ Plus Battery (89 builds)

Power Distribution

Reverb 3oz Copper PDB Kit - BLACK (2 builds)

HD Camera

GoPro HERO5 Session (244 builds)

Misc Parts

ImpulseRC Reverb Session Mounts (7 builds)

Misc Parts

ImpulseRC Reverb Soft Mount Arm Guards (Set of 4) (2 builds)

Misc Parts

Panasonic 1000uf 35v Low ESR Capacitor for ESC Noise Reduction (34 builds)

Misc Parts

Innovative Layers: 3D Printed FPV Miniquad Parts (2 builds)
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CharlieBr0wn   Aug 04, 2018  

How did you wire your Cam? I have the same PDB and Video Transmiter, except i Use another flightcontroller and I dont know how to wire my Cam to the Quad. Where do I wire the VTX to?

Milofpv   Jul 15, 2018  

Where did you wire your unify pro to on the board?

CMS1288   Jul 19, 2018 

VBat and ground right on the LiPo pads of the PDB

Milofpv   Jul 15, 2018  

Where did you wire your unify pro to on the board?

TheDroningReverend   Jun 02, 2018  

What kind of flight times are you getting?

CMS1288   Jun 02, 2018 

I fly cruisey and flowing freestyle, not too agressive, and hit up to 5 min. On average about 4:30.

dangerousFPV   Mar 18, 2018  


CMS1288   Mar 18, 2018 

Same as the other build I never bother to weigh anything

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