Drone Racing Parts Micro Alien

By @B_RadFPV on Mar 13, 2018

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Decided I had to build another micro, picked out the DRP micro alien. Absolutely a blast to rip! Got any questions don't hesitate to hit me up!!



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iamthebest1019   Aug 31, 2019  

Looks nice! Im building a similar quad. What are your pids?

@B_RadFPV   Sep 03, 2019 

i really need to take it down honestly. Havent had that build for quite some time now!

iamthebest1019   Sep 09, 2019 


Jdronebuilder   Apr 04, 2018  

looks good. flight time? weight? Ikm trying to build a micro under the 250 limit with decent flight time

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@B_RadFPV   Apr 05, 2018 

also about 3:50 min of flight time.

ghostface   Jul 02, 2018 

What batteries do you fly?

@B_RadFPV   Jul 02, 2018 

tattu 650mah 3S

rhino45   May 18, 2018  

one more question between this and the tooth fairy, which one do you prefer

@B_RadFPV   May 22, 2018 

man thats a tough call they are both fun, the micro alien is fun for freestyle, the tooth fairy is great for speed .

RotorRebel   Apr 05, 2018  

I have the DRP frame as well, I have some of these 2540 brand new, threw them on and though they clear the frame, the front and rear props slightly touch each other. how did you get around this?

@B_RadFPV   Apr 05, 2018 

wow mine hasent has a issue with that with any of the props i have put on it!

rhino45   May 16, 2018 

have you tried 3" props on there. the website says it will fit im just sceptical. I want to do a build with the avan 3" tprops in mind.

@B_RadFPV   May 17, 2018 

i have not actually but i believe DRP is producing a 3" now

TrashPanda_FPV   Mar 14, 2018  

How do you like that Zeus aio?

@B_RadFPV   Apr 04, 2018 

love it!

FrenchB   Mar 26, 2018  

That Mico Eagle looks bad ass. What's the max angle?

@B_RadFPV   Apr 04, 2018 

ehhhhh maybe 25 degrees its a tight squeeze lol?

AvdS   Mar 27, 2018  


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