By wklee.fpv on Mar 15, 2018

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HORNET x BABYHAWK-R transplant.

Weigh: ~82g



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SteveStorm   May 16, 2018  

is this frame lighter than the babyhawk r and if so are you getting better flight times?

kiwijunglist   Mar 21, 2018  

How does it compare to the original? I'm trying to decide between buying the hornet $160 or the babyhawk-r $120. I don't like that the babyhawk-r has really short flight times. The other difference is the hornet has a better flight controller (f4 vs f3). I think the babyhawk-r may have a marginally better camera (micro arrow vs hglrc elf camera).

This is for a beginner micro drone small park flyer. What should i do?

wklee.fpv   Mar 23, 2018 

Buy the babyhawk r first and then transplant it to hornet if needed. I think F3 is good enough for micro drone.

kiwijunglist   Mar 24, 2018 

Thanks, the other option I'm looking at is the HGLRC XJB-145. It's a 3" with F4 28A stack, ELF camera, 1407 motors. $135 PNP (ie $15 more than BHR)

The Quadfather   Mar 15, 2018  

Nice build, I assume it was a chassis swap?

wklee.fpv   Mar 15, 2018 

yes chassis swap.

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