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By 7uvoK on Apr 11, 2018

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7uvoK's Micro Meld: The "park flyer" with HD recording capabilites. Sadly, this quad was lost when I let a noob take it for a flight, R.I.P. :sob:

Goals: 1. sub 250g AUW, 2. HD footage, 3. SmartPort Telemetry, 4. Smart Audio Controls (?), 5. clean, 6. run on 4s.

Frame: The CB3 makes a lot of sense because it is simple. If you're worried about the size of your micro's stack because you're not using an AIO and the Split Mini, then you can just use taller standoffs. As you can see, my stack is <25 mm because I have the RX and VTX hanging off the back. The frame is pretty good quality out of the box, maybe a few burs in the carbon. The 3D accesories are very nice to have included.

Flight Controller: The HGLRC Zeus is very impressive. It has a lot of functionality jammed into a tiny form factor. If this thing had one more UART and could handle all 4S, it would dominate the market! The soldering pads are not as small as you might assume, really not too hard. It fits nicely inside the CB3 frame.

Receiver: I tried the R-XSR and failed :disappointed_relieved:. The FC just didn't pick up any inputs at all. I read all the forums, tried all the hacks. Nothing worked. Whipped out and XM+ and the FC recognized it no problem. I then decided that SmartPort telemetry wasn't that important and that I could use that UART for camera controls. XM+ flashed to latest frimware with RSSI on Ch. 16 and into OSD.

Motors and Props: These little HGLRC Flames appear pretty tight on tolerances. Not a whole lot of punch on 3S, but can't really blame the motors. The motor's screws are just long enough to mount the motors onto the 3mm arms with the Rotorious "soft mounts". I am a little worried that they may fail. Also, they are very soft. One screwhead is starting to strip. The DAL props are great! They have an upward orientation, which creates even more clearance between the props and the frame / exposed componenets.

VTX: The TBS Unify Pro Nano appears to have most of the features of the Unify line. However, the Smart Audio "Lite" doesn't appear to allow you to change frequency or power. At least not how I have it set up. I'm wondering if this was worth using a UART. The VTX is powered from a 5V pad at the front of FC (doesn't accept VBAT!).

Camera: Well, this thing is great! A lot more complicated than the standard FPV camera, but fairly easy to install and use. I would love it if you could use the Smart Audio to actually navigate the "wifi" menu. The microphone is picking up some terrible sounds. I am going to try and fix this. Camera is powered from VTX 5V out. The camera controls use the UART made available when I gave up on the R-XSR. The only control I am using is the ability to turn HD recording on/off from my Taranis.

Maiden flight: (noob pilot) The quad feels great on acro mode. If I switch to a leveling mode, it wants to roll left. How strong this feels seems to change each flight. Any suggestions? Also, how to get rid of that screeching and the tin sound in the Split Mini's audio?

Misc.: I used the buzzer mount to hold the capacitor and tucked the buzzer on the opposite side, tacked in place with some Gorilla glue. AUW is <250g with 3S and is just over 250g with my smallest 4S. Someone told me I can run 4S if I keep peak current <13 amps, but I am not willing to risk it.


Part List


Cb (SHIPPING 26/4) (2 builds)

Flight Controller

HGLRC F4 Zeus F4 Flight Controller Integrated with OSD BEC PDB AIO 15A BLheli_S 4 In 1 ESC for RC Racing Drone (15 builds)


4 x HGLRC Flame 1407 3600KV 3-4S Brushless Motor for RC Drone FPV Racing (20 builds)


DAL Cyclone T3056C Propeller - Crystal Purple (5 builds)

FPV Camera

RunCam Split Mini FOV 130 Degree 1080P/60fps WDR Low Latency FPV Camera for RC Drone (8 builds)

FPV Transmitter

Team Blacksheep TBS UNIFY PRO NANO 5G8


Frsky XM+ Micro D16 SBUS Full Range Mini Receiver Up to 16CH for RC FPV Racing Drone


TATTU 1300mAh 3s 75c Lipo Battery (5 builds)

Misc Parts

Gardner Bender 07315001126 LTB-400 Liquid Electrical Tape, Easy-on, Waterproof, Indoor/Outdoor Use, 4 Oz. Jar, Black, Bottle (4 builds)

Misc Parts

5 PCS Super Loud 5V Active Alarm Buzzer Beeper Tracker 9*5.5mm for RC MultiRotor FPV Racing Drone (33 builds)

Misc Parts

TBS Unify Nano VTX Stack Mount 20mmx20mm M2 Fixed Base For RC Drone FPV Racing Frame

Misc Parts

SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSDXC UHS-I card with Adapter -  100MB/s U1 A1 - SDSQUAR-064G-GN6MA (2 builds)

Misc Parts

4 x PrimoChill Kobra High Density Cable Sleeving 1/4in. (7mm) (Sold by the Foot) - UV Purple
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enrbgill   Apr 13, 2018  

Looks great, planning a very simil;ar build! How did you find the build with the Zeus FC? Any problems?

7uvoK   Apr 13, 2018 

Thanks! Well, I couldn't get the R-RXSR SBUS to communicate and the TBS Nano Smart Audio needs a hardware hack, but both of those are not really a Zeus issue. My only complaint is that it cannot handle 4S without risk. Maybe one more UART too?

7uvoK   May 13, 2018 

also, the micro usb slot broke off and was difficult to

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