EV-100 + Pro58 + AchilleΣ = Poor Man's Fatshark Goggles

By Burghamer on May 18, 2018

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Custom EV100 Goggles with Eachine Pro58 Module and AchilleΣ PLUS Firmware

Make it yourself here:

Based on DroneMesh's modification video:

AchilleΣ PLUS Firmware installation:

Thanks Loneguard for the feedback and print testing.



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lesyk15   Mar 05, 2020  

Hey guys, I have finished my PRO58 mod however, I have noticed, that when I have my additional receiver turned ON my image has white lines. It doesn't matter If I am on onboard receiver or AV IN. I have tried capture image with my phone. In real life, those lines are more obvious. Does anyone have the same problem? SShould I add another capacitator somewhere?

yaloo   Jan 07, 2019  

Hola amigo! I printed all the parts for the mod and reassemble everything. I have a minus issue. I have noise with the Pro58 and also the original receiver. Is there a fix for that ( filter,capacitor, etc)? Thank you :P

lesyk15   Feb 26, 2020 

I have same issue. After I have turned on my goggles my image quality got poor even with a drone on my desk. Any ideas? Also I can confirm that soldering video input to pad C44 instead of analog pin conector get you more bright image.

lesyk15   Feb 26, 2020 

Well I have found what is causing problem. After unplugging step down module, everything went back to normal. Probably bad one or I need to somehow filter those interferences.

Axel461   Feb 18, 2019  

Hi. I have a question. Is possible to use also the audio? How can should i do for configure the audio?

Burghamer   Feb 19, 2019 

I'm not sure.  My background is more mechanical.

Rogeralcon   Feb 02, 2019  

Hi. What screw should I use? M2 maybe?

Burghamer   Feb 02, 2019 

that should work

yaloo   Jan 02, 2019  

Is it necessary to solder thoses tiny capacitors?

Burghamer   Jan 02, 2019 


Rogeralcon   Oct 28, 2018  

I think it's a bit expensive ... The result is good or you recommend buying others for less than $ 200.

Burghamer   Oct 28, 2018 

if you can buy the ev100 used ( like I did) it's very cheap

Jmcneil919   Oct 10, 2018  

how are you recording dvr footage?

Burghamer   Oct 10, 2018 

On board DVR (on the quad). It gets the best results.

QuadX   May 22, 2018  

Does this include the fov mod?

Burghamer   May 22, 2018 

yes... its a combination of various designs on thingiverse

Randol_8o8   May 21, 2018  

how much would you charge to print one of these cases?

Burghamer   May 21, 2018 

I don't own a printer myself, but there are several services through Thingiverse that will do it. If you click on the link in the description, then cliick order this printed you should get a price. I think its about $25-$40 depending on provider, material, shipping, etc.

Randol_8o8   May 21, 2018 

Thanks! I'll have to look into that. I'll try printing it locally from a friend first and just pay for some supplies for them.

Randol_8o8   Apr 26, 2018  

have you printed one yet? this looks interesting for sure!

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