Poor man's FLOSS 2 (Diatone 2018 GT-R5 stretched)

By EuthaNasi on Feb 05, 2019

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Unfortunately the FLOSS frame is hard to get here in the Netherlands. Shipping from the USA is expensive and when you finally receive it you will most likely have to pay extra taxes... Therefore decided to make an alternative light weight build based on the Diatone clone of this frame.

Overall a pretty tight build but in the end everything fitted. Antenna placement is always a struggle on this frame. I didn't have much luck with the HGLRC parts. F440 died pretty quick. Swapped it out for Airbot F4 nano V6 + Ori32, that stuff is unbreakable. I really like the quality. Crashed the frame and broke an arm and some screws / standoffs. Couldn't get spare parts so orderd the new version of the frame (GT-Rabbit). Arms are interchangeable so now I got enough spares. 3 of the motors are probably the only parts that are original since I first maidened it in April 2018, rest is swapped out. Tramp vtx died, switched to AKK. The AKK is pretty bulky so decided to transfer that one to my new freestyle frame. Just installed the TBS Unify Pro HV - Race 2 and I really like how small it is. Crashed against a pole on my first indoor training / fun race and broke the lens of the Micro Eagle. Swapped it out for a Monster Micro. Transfered from Flysky to Frsky in the mean time so did a complete rebuild.

As you can see my attempt to race keeps me busy on the bench :)
My aim for 2019 is to do a lot more simulator and race practice and trash this quad some more! Can't wait until the weather gets better...



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Thomaat   7 days ago  

Ziet er scherp uit!

C1Rob   10 days ago  

Looking good! How do you like the new frame? It seems like you can damage the stack easily? And how does the current sensor work? (lekker bezig :) )

EuthaNasi   9 days ago 

It looks like the new frame can take more beating than the old one. Crashed it multiple times indoors where the ground (and walls) are usually harder than outdoor. Although it looks like the stack is exposed, I never took damage on the FC or 4-in-1. I think they made it like this to keep it as light al possible. Welke omgeving vlieg je?

C1Rob   9 days ago 

ah ok cool :) I could imagine sticks ripping into the FC but it indeed all depends on the location. Ive only flown 1 time ao far but ill probably stick to emtpy parks/ fields for now haha. (Zwolle)

EuthaNasi   9 days ago 

Yeah thats probably the best environment to start in. Ik omgeving Alkmaar, beetje ver uit elkaar dus ;)

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