FlosStyle build

By deadmoo on May 01, 2018

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olim5   Sep 02, 2018  

im building a flosstyle as well. how do you like the antenna holder? does the floss 2 standoff spacing match the flosstyle?

deadmoo   Sep 11, 2018 

It works well. I think they make holders specifically for the FlosStyle now, so the spacing may be different. I bought this before those were available.

TheDroningReverend   May 16, 2018  

Hows the durability of that frame?

deadmoo   May 17, 2018 

Very good. I crashed it into tree branches and the ground, and no damage to frame. None of these were full speed crashes though so YMMV.

Southpaw Fpv   May 07, 2018  

how do the motors perform one this build

deadmoo   May 07, 2018 

It is a little sketchy recovering from a dive compared to other prop/motor combinations I have tried. Motors are good quality though.

Southpaw Fpv   May 07, 2018 

so would you suggest going lower kv for more torque

deadmoo   May 07, 2018 

I am no expert. But I think it would help. Using AMAXinno 2305 2350kv in another build and I like the feel of that motor better. I am using different props too though. I might be able to improve things with a different pitch prop.

deadmoo   May 01, 2018  

I forgot to use the nylon nuts on the front standoffs. My camera fit without them, but it is a tight fit. going to add those nylon nuts when I get the chance.

JC250   May 01, 2018  

Is there a way to get customizxed 3d parts, besides going to a friend or owning one yourself? I've been wanting to get this frame, but I would need 3d printed fpv antenna mount like yours

deadmoo   May 01, 2018 

Antenna mount is in part list. I ordered it from Brain3D.

deadmoo   May 01, 2018 

Also, I just learned from latest KababFPV video about the frame that there are holes at the back of where the gopro mount is for forever tubes to be inserted for receiver antennas.

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