5" Flowride Disc Unloading Special II

By cjdavies on Apr 14, 2018

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I bought two Flowride frames to make the international shipping from PiroFlip worth it, so after the compromise my first one turned into after the Asgard32 ended up being too big to fit properly I'm hoping to learn from it & make this one as tidy as I hoped the first one would be :)

The signal pads on the FC were a pain to work with (very small & pre-tinned by the factory with lead-free solder) & the Matek VTX-HV had to be connected backwards to the spare UART (eg I had to connect RX on the VTX to RX on the FC & TX on the VTX to TX on the FC, which is the exact opposite of normal UART convention). Smartport is connected to the LED strip pad with softserial (thanks to Oscar Liang for that idea).

The TattooF4S board needs a capacitor on the LiPo input, without it mine freaked out bad on any hard attitude change (flips, rolls, etc.). A 1000uF 25V cap & bumping the ESC PWM frequency from the stock 24KHz up to 48KHz completely fixed it.



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RocketSquidFPV   2 days ago  

how do those Venom motors preform?

cjdavies   2 days ago 

Like any other 2206, but without having to worry about mud!

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