2S tinyshark!

By Krillfpv on Apr 15, 2018

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Wow. This build decided to kick my ass over and over again. BUILDING the thing wasn't hard, not having components randomly crap out on me was. In this build, I went through 2 16x16 FC/ESC stacks before I finally got one that actually worked. Throw a suddenly non-functioning AIO cam on top, and you have yourself a build nightmare.

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But whatever, all's well that ends well I guess. It's finally finished and flying, and wow does it fly! Never before have I flown something that feels so light in the air. So far, I have only flown it on a 450mah 2S, and I am tempted to fly something even smaller as it feels like the only weight in the air is the lipo itself.

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Lets talk about the real focus of this build though: the frame. The Falcon Multirotors Tinyshark is a fantastic frame to build on, and I seriously reccomend it to anyone looking for a preformance multirotor this size. The carbon looks and feels great, definately capable of holding up to a few crashes. But if we are being honest, the best thing about this amazing frame is the creator behind it. LAZD is an incredibly helpful guy who just wants everyone to feel the joy of flying. before settling on the FC/ESC combo I used, I was attempting to use a Super_S stack (AVOID THIS PRODUCT). The ESC on this stack is much wider than a standard 16x16 board, making it impossible to fit the board behind the frame's cam mount. LAZD, going above and beyond what any designer/retailer needs to do, designed an a new cam mount to fit my board. This guy is great, and I guarantee that if you buy a frame from him you wont be dissapointed.

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All in all, if I leave out all the bad luck that came with the start of the build, then I have absolutely nothing negative to say about this build process. It was a blast to build, and a blast to fly.



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Skootrb   Aug 16, 2022  

can you send me pics of the inside I'm trying to use this build on another frame and I'm really having trouble getting info on board and 4 in 1.

Str8sho0tr   Jun 27, 2018  

do you mind sharing your pids?

jdmkramer   Apr 20, 2018  


Is this not one of the most fun things to fly?! I want to build a backup so I can feel more free to risk it.

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