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By Noboody on Apr 16, 2018

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Balanced and Low Profil Quad

Home made frame design inspired by the vert racer frame. Compact, robust and balanced mid budget quad. Design has been optimized using finite element analysis. Not really relevant but it was fun.

It is my first quad so it has been a bit tricky to build but I believe experienced person could build it easily. Thanks you for watching =)

If interested, the frame can be found in Armattan Prod.



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IcarusIX   Jun 24, 2019  

This is such a good looking first build, with the fact that its your design (inspired or not) makes it even cooler. how has it held up? any breakages where expected by the FEA?

Noboody   Jun 25, 2019 

Thanks for the positive comment !
FEA has been mainly usefull to highlight that the weakest location in case of crash on the front arm is located just after the "motor plate" where the arms are getting thinner. It allowed me to used 2mm thick upper and bottom main plate as the stress in these parts is low. The fact that they are 10 mm appart one from another create a composite sandwich effect and give it a lot of rigidity.

Sadly I'm more into building quad than flying them, I need fly more to be able to tell you how it withstand crash in real life.

1Smug_Bastard   May 21, 2019  

Looks really good for your first build.
Question, How much does this weight?

I ask because, this Armattan frame looks a bit on the heavy side if your going to race it. (most armattans are) Otherwise for Acro this should be about perfect. Which i think was the original intent of the frame to be honnest.

Other thoughts...
-Get a runcam split, they're great for inflight DVR and weigh next to nothing comparied to a GoPro.
-Try building a few micro quads (3" or smaller) as this will help you develop your build and soldering skills while not breaking the bank in the process. Besides, most of them can be flown indoors when the weather is sour.

Noboody   May 24, 2019 

Hey thank you for your comment =)

I do not know the weight by heart but yes it was a bit heavy, juste the carbon frame is about 80gr.
Sadly the build is really tight so it would not be possible to fit the additionnal board of the split.

I am currently working on another prototype which will be a 2.5 or 3 inch quad using a unique arm design based on two carbon tube (it's my profil picture). I'm puting a lot of work to design and redesign it to achieve something as clean and usable as possible. And it will be using a Turtle V2 for HD records =)

RZFPV   Apr 16, 2018  

are the props in the view of the hd camera

Noboody   Apr 16, 2018 

Really good question. I do not own a hd cam and I don't plan to buy one but I'll check on the CAD tomorrow!

Noboody   Apr 18, 2018 

So I just checked and the maximal vertical fov angle required to hide the props is about 74°. If I understood correctly the doc of the Gopro session 5 it mean that props would be visible only for the the wide mode in 4:3. For all the other mode you should not see the props.

I Joined the fov modeling I realized on the CAD. These are the wide and medium mode for 4:3.

Hope it answer your question =)

TaterrsFPV   Apr 16, 2018  

Im fixen to start a build with those motor's! Have you had a chance to test and if so, how were they?? Cheers!!

Noboody   Apr 16, 2018 

Hey, to be honest I still do not had the opportunity to make my first fliflight. But anyway this is my very first build so I could not have any comparison point. However they feel pretty good.

TaterrsFPV   Apr 16, 2018 

Thanks for the feed back!! I hope you can get out soon and burn some packs w/ them. Cheers and happy flying!!!

Noboody   Apr 16, 2018 

Thx, same for you =)

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