666 - The Number of the Beast - 6" 6s 6 arms

By flayzeraynx on Apr 24, 2018

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I build this monster because since i started to hobby, always wanted to have something really cool, and has cool name. Being a metal head made me wanted something related with "666 - The number of the beast" and finally i prepared myself to jump in 6s hype train and make my dreams come true.

Was searching the market for the frames and whatever i found was not satisfy my needs. Since i have bit OCD, i like to have my builds neat and clean and balanced. So, decided on Shendrones KriegerPus but realized its only 4" and 5" supported. Asked Andy Shen what can we do about it and he was really supportive, cut special arms for me to use 6" props. Finally it is ready and flying very smooth!

In the photos it looks i used Runcam micro Sparrow but replaced that camera with Foxeer Monster Mini Pro, and added go pro session 5 on top.



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HK-AERIAL VTOL   6 days ago  

Did you just contact them through their contact us page?

Glasman22   Jan 19, 2019  

how did you wire it all up I would like to build a hex do you have a wiring diagram you could send me.

dafunk   May 06, 2018  

i like the 666. some 6 blade props perhaps ?

volitant   Apr 25, 2018  

wow what a beast!!

flayzeraynx   Apr 27, 2018 

this is why its called "the number of the beast" :p

QuadifyRC.com   Apr 26, 2018  

Nice build! I'm guessing you can probably lift a small child with this.

flayzeraynx   Apr 27, 2018 

haven't attempted yet :D

MR.J   Apr 27, 2018  

sick ass build!!!!!!!

Whiffles   Apr 24, 2018  

Wow, a 6S hex. I'd like to see some footage as well.

flayzeraynx   Apr 24, 2018 

am at park right now and recording some footage actually.. not something fancy, tuning session but recording video with go pro and dvr

CaptainFalcon   Apr 24, 2018  

Badass! We need video!

7uvoK   Apr 24, 2018  


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