$90 Tinyshark 2" Micro Racer - True 1S Power!

By alwaysbless on May 24, 2018

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Built this to fly around the neighborhood w/ since my 2s build turned out to be way too fast. AUW including 260mah lipo is only 47grams!

Build Tips:

  1. Still having trouble finding circular m2 spacers in a size smaller than 6mm so instead I 3d printed some you can find them here - https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2922308 (Hex standoffs will NOT work)
  2. Used nylon screws everywhere EXCEPT to secure the props. This helped tremendously w/ keeping the weight to a minimum which is imporant since this is a 1s build.
  3. Picked up some 450mah 1s lipos to extend flight times to approx 5-6min (Approx Flight time = 2-3m w/ 260mah lipo) - (Purchase: https://amzn.to/2KEApIC)
  4. Used a small hair tie to keep the battery in place and prevent ejections midflight or in the event of a crash - (Tutorial on how to wrap them @ h t t p s://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CCE0X30dxtU)
  5. Pinout for the flight controller @ https://goo.gl/tjwdT2

Design Tips:

Flight Controller: Be careful when soldering to the tiny pads on the flight controller! I accidentally melted 2 of them off completely and had to reroute some wiring to the undersides 5v / GND pads.

ESC: In order to fit the esc properly into the frame it MUST be mounted on the bottom of the stack w/ the 6pin connector facing towards the back (not enough space to fit next to the camera mount in any other orientation). Due to this orientation you will also need to solder the JST power plug running away from the vbat pads on the bottom that way it comes out the rear rather than front facing.

Motors: To prevent the motors wires from having to be soldered running across the esc (due to the layout being incorrect from the inordrinary esc mounting) you will need to swap the motor channels in betaflight for motors 1 and 4 and 2 and 3 using the CLI - See video @ h t t p s://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z5aO-3_n-Hs

RX: There is not a lot of room to squeeze the RX into the build so what I did was secure atop the flight controller using a rubber band running under the canopy but over the frame.

Betaflight: Since this build incorporates an AIO LST S2 Cam/VTX combo if you plan on using the betaflight OSD for your flight stats you will need to snip the top pin found on the right hand side of the cam/vtx combo. From there you can solder wire to both pins indvidually that way you can split them to the video in / video out on the flight controller. Also, w/ the placement of the flight controller (the only orientation that will work for this build) if you need to plug it in to betaflight for configuration or updates it will require that you remove the rear standoff each time since it blocks access to the Micro USB port.



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odwdinc   Jun 26, 2018  

wonderfull build!! looking for a good 1S and this combo of motors, props ,and frame dlivers!! Did a remake (https://rotorbuilds.com/build/13049) using the 1s AIO FC. Ended up useing longer m2 screews for the bottom and m2 nuts for spacers. might work in lue of the 3d printed spacers?
I had to move the pod avove the AIO FC thoug do to its size.
was absuly blown away by the performance! thank for the post!

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